Everything was great but I will mention 2 thi...
Jordan | Oct 21 - Oct 24, 2021

Joyce B.
Nov 02, 2021

Everything was great but I will mention 2 things. The driver on the first day booked me on a ‘boat tour with lunch and swimming and snorkelling’ out of Aqaba (I had told him that I would love to go snorkelling). It was a disaster, do not recommend again. I was the only one on the whole boat going in the water, there is no reason to snorkel as there is absolutely nothing to see…total waste of time!
The Hotel Kempinski was wonderful, recommendation from the driver to dive with Aqaba Shark diving and Talal was a wonderful experience. Thanks.
The driver that picked me up for my flight back to Amman arrived early, had not been to the airport in over 2 years so not quite sure where to go. He dropped me in a parking spot from where I could not see an entrance. There was nothing happening. The first set of doors that I found, no one there, the nest set were locked. Finally, I followed another van coming in and walked to where they were and found the departures entrance. Nothing was open. I was picked up at 3:15 pm for a 6:25 pm flight and the airport was not even staffed until after 5:15pm. I should have stayed at the hotel and I should have had a driver that knew where the entrance was. I realize that tourism is just reopening but I do think that these two things could easily be improved. Thanks for organizing, thanks for listening. I very much enjoyed my 11 days in Jordan.

Local specialist: Samir Bishara
Samir Bishara
Local specialist in Amman | Nov 02, 2021

Hello Joyce
Very happy to hear from you, I am so happy to know that I participated to give you a nice trip,

Thank you so much for the time you took, and for your kindness to update us with these kickbacks. We will surely do more than our best to avoid them.
Thank you so much for letting us know about them. highly appreciated.

Wish you all the best, till we see you again.

Be well ,