Sicily - Aug 13 - Aug 18, 2017

Traveler: Silvana R. - Local specialist: Giorgia Carraffa

It was mostly perfect. The drivers were all wonderful. They were punctual, friendly, obliging and cars were immaculate . The guides were even better, especially Valentina in Palermo who we adored.The others were fabulous too.Accommodation was mostly good,but we found the agiturismo in Agrigento tooooo remote,and my brief did say we were city slickers . Also it was feragosto eve and they had a party.
However,I have been recommending you to everyone.

Also nearly perfect but better than good. As I mentioned,The accommodation in Tenuta San Giovanni was really not us, we would have preferred something in the city of Agrigento. This place was 7 kilometres from the nearest village and 50 minutes from Agrigento.I have stayed at farmhouses before but they were walking distance to piazza's. Not this one.
Also, the voucher for the Etna excursion said meet at 9.30 at the hut. When we arrived at 9.23,they told us the 9.30 group had gone and we would have to wait for the 10.30 group. This would've got us back to our transport to Messina too late, and also we had arrangements in Messina to get to on time.So we paid for the shorter version out of pocket. The man in charge of hut Etna excursion said we should get a refund for the one we missed,so I am also enquiring about that .