Highlights of Jordan & Israel: 9 Days - May 29 - Jun 6, 2018

Traveler: Regina T. - Local specialist: Lena Sluga

Overall, our trip to Jordan and Israel was great.

Our journey to Jordan was well-taken care by Akram. He led us to many spectacular spots, which were unforgettable. He also shared Jordanian history and culture. The service Akram provided was exceptional.

We were particularly grateful to be arranged to accommodate in the luxury camp in the Wadi Rum Desert. Our camp was so luxurious and beautiful, which was beyond our expectations. The food was good. And our favourite part was hooka-ing under the starry night in the middle of the desert. This was an experience that we would never forget.

However, there is still room for improvements for hotels we lived in Jordan. While it was true that the rooms are spacious, they were not as clean as we expected. There was little hair on the pillow cover in one of the hotels that we lived which implied that the hotel did not wash their pillow cover for every guest they served. Moreover, Worst of all, our experience in the Dead Sea Spa Hotel was horrible. While they had a good buffet, we were disappointed with the attitude of their staff members. Our room lock was not walking initially and the hotel made a promise that it only took five minutes for them to fix it. However, it eventually took us two to three hours to wait for the response from the hotel, in spite of our repeated and kind request to the hotel to fix the lock. We only had one night in the Dead Sea area and much time was wasted in fixing the lock of our room. What a pity!

Moreover, we were advised to purchase a 2-day Jordan pass. It turned out that we only spent one day in Petra. Perhaps better communication should be made between different parties so as to save us some money.

For our journey in Israel, we are amazed by the choice of hotel, which were so fancy. Also, the group tours are generally good. The tour guides were humorous. Yet, there was one exception, our tour to Bethlehem was poorly arranged. The tour guide looked grumpy all the time. Worse, our tour was conducted in both English and Spanish. Since it was apparent that the tour guide was more proficient in Spanish, I and my friends felt neglected by the tour guide. The queuing arrangement in the church of Bethlehem sucked! People just pushed others, without order and discipline.

Moreover, it will be great if there were fewer 'shopping stops' in those group tours in Israel. Frankly speaking, we were not really interested in shopping and we found those compulsory stays in their assigned shops was quite annoying.

Thank you Lena for all the arrangments, we really appreciate that. Generally speaking, we had a good experience. Yet, there were still minor parts that Lena should take care of to further improve the quality of similar tours later on.

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Lena Sluga, local specialist, responded to this review:

Hi Regina, thanks a lot for your valuable feedback, we really appreciate it, as it helps us to improve in the future! All the best, Lena