Best Day Hikes in Iceland - Aug 30 - Sep 15, 2018

Traveler: Laura D. - Local specialist: Preeti Bhide

So happy to meet Preeti, Halldor and their family! The itinerary was exactly what we wanted to do! Though some days were packed and we had to skip some things. But we got in plenty of hiking and excursions. We were very please with the hotels and guesthouses too! For the very few issues we had, they were so responsive and gave great service!

We loved all of the hotel choices except for FossHotel Lind. The shower smelled like sulphur and the room was too small to open your luggage anywhere.

Our favorite hotels were:
>Tungulending; loved the location and the novelty of it! We could have stayed here awhile!
>Hotel Hellnar was wonderful and we loved the costal walk to Arnarstapi
>Hotel Heydalur - we loved this place! It would be a great place to stay for a couple of nights! Nice pool, hot pots, horseback riding, hiking, and we loved the animals! (dogs and an arctic fox!)
Heydalur was hard to find.  The gps to a dilapidated building with broken windows! We were driving on a narrow dirt road. We went back to a sign for Heydalur. The only sign was “restaurant “ so we went in to ask and that was the place.
>Hotel Bork - we loved the large rooms and the location right by the small harbor with an easy walk to dinner on the harbor at KAFFI DUUS. The food was great!
>Glacier World hotel, loved the little glacier museum with the video explaining how the community built the walls to save their town from the melting glaciers

Our favorite Restaurants:
>Tjoruhusid in Isafjordur was fabulous! We talked about the food there the entire rest of the trip! We actually enjoyed going there for lunch when the price was cheaper and it wasn't so crowed.
>Sjavaborg restaurant in Hvammstangi - the lamb shank and cheese cake was fabulous
> Cafe Vogafjos in Mytvatn, food was great and it was neat it was attached to the cow barn
> Pakkhusid in Hornafjordur; the langoustine was soooo good! It was neat to see the boat that brought them in right out the window
>Efsti-Dalur, found this on our own on the way to the Secret Lagoon. A wonderful cow farm that makes their own ice cream. We stopped back here for dinner after the Secret Lagoon

Favorite Hikes:
>Hellnar costal walk to Arnarstapi
>Dynjandi waterfall - it took our breath away!
> Landmannalaugur! Quite a crazy road to get there, but that was my favorite place. It was so beautiful!
>Valagil gorge; loved the beautiful grass land, the blue berries and the "surprise" gorge and waterfall
> Dimmuborgir - Beautiful hiking trails through lava rock formations. The plants interspersed in the rocks were so pretty, they look like a garden.
>Seydisfjordur; we loved this little harbor town... so picturesque. We did a small hike to to the man made structure called the singing concrete.  It was a great view of the town from up there!
> westman island Heimeny

We loved this place! There were still some Puffins and the desk clerk at the hotel told us how to find them. We hiked around the cliffs near the golf course where we got a picture of some. We also enjoyed the aquarium and the volcano museum. We heard about the kids rescuing pufflings and ran across some caring a big box. Sure enough they had a puffling they were getting ready to release. It was so cool to share this experience with them.

>Hellulaug hot pot
We loved this little remote hot pot! The view was fabulous! We had a little trouble finding it. It was further up the road than we could figure out. Found someone walking down the road that helped us find it. Also, it would have been nice to know there was a restaurant right there. Based on the itinerary, the only place we saw for dinner was on the car ferry and that food was not good.
>Kayaying in Isafjordur
We loved the kayak excursion in Isafjordur. It would have helped to know a little more about the gear they were going to provide, but it worked out okay. It was also confusing on where to meet. The voucher was not correct.
> Inside the Volcano!!! We LOVED this! It might be helpful to warn people that it is about a 2 mile walk to the base camp and 1/4 mile up the side of the volcano. But it was so worth it! It would have been helpful to know they were going to feed us meat soup (or vegetarian version) afterward. It was so good, but didn't know and had brought sandwiches to eat.
> Husavik Whale tour was a bust, but I guess you can't always count on seeing whales. There was a beautiful sunset that evening and we would have rather eaten at Tungulending and enjoyed the sunset.
>Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon 
our kayak trip was cancelled because of wind and rain, but the lagoon was well worth seeing the beautiful blue ice

Helpful hints:
> 100Kr coins needed for many of the WC we stopped at along the way.
> The Driving plan link on Day 12 had the wrong starting point. We couldn't use it, but we loved the Driving plan links provided to us for the entire trip! FYI, you might let the customer know that link is in the itinerary, I didn't realize it was there until right before we left.

We had an absolutely wonderful time. The itinerary was perfect for us! Thank you!