A Rabbit Out of a Hat... - Feb 3 - Feb 9, 2020

Traveler: timothy m. - Local specialist: Erin Wiley

After finding myself en route to Santiago for work, a friend thought, "you should go to Patagonia and take some photos..." I hadn't thought about it until that moment... and with only 3 weeks out, I didn't think it remotely possible. That's when another friend passed along kimkim's info.
I truly didn't think it possible to put together such a well thought out, well planned adventure with so little time. But that's exactly what Erin was able to create... Essentially, pulling a rabbit out of a hat in a couple of weeks.
Given that my solo adventure was geared towards photography, my itinerary for 6 full days was tailored towards that experience. My journey took me from Estancia La Peninsula for a tour of an authentic Patagonian sheep farm, to portions of the W trek inside Torres Del Paines National Park including the French Valley and Mirador Las Torres hikes. From there, I was able to spend a couple nights in the Serrano River Valley outside the park, and mingle with the horses and herding pups at Pampa Lodge.
Finally, the culmination and the final day of my adventure was a private photography tour with an amazing guide, who took me to some of the great spots in Torres Del Paines as well as some hidden gems that only a true local would know about...
This experience was something that I will never forget. It was surreal and beautiful looking at the Andes Mountain range... meeting some amazing people in Refugias and along the trails... and it would never have happened without Erin and Julia. High fives to the two who made this whole thing so special and unforgettable.

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Erin Wiley, local specialist, responded to this review:

Planning Timothy's trip was really fun and while it was quite last minute he was such a wonderful copilot in planning, was very understanding and trusting of the process and I couldn't be happier with how everything worked out. Thank you for trusting me, Tim! So happy that you had such a wonderful trip and LOVE your photos, you've captured some of my favorite places but also much of the essence of what life is like in Puerto Natales. Hope you are well and thank you again!