Even tho they were in contact with - Sep 8 - Sep 18, 2019

Traveler: Bill R. - Local specialist: Christos Mylonas

Even tho they were in contact with us at each location when we needed some questions answered they were slow to respond. Once it was overnight to a question that required immediate attention.
Partially because I did not study locations of accommodations I was disappointed in our 3 island hotels. They were much farther from city center and in Naxos and Mykonos much farther from beach than I hoped. In Naxos the hotel was a member of small luxury hotels but obviously that hotel had not been graded lately. Our accommodations in Athens both on arrival and last night before departure were exceptional and what I had hoped for the entire trip. I thought by requesting the Grande Bretagne in Athens that Christo would know and understand what we expected. It also seemed that where we stayed in all 3 islands that our rooms were the less accessible and farthest away from all amenities. All excursions were good except out trip in Athens to Poseidon’s Temple. Driver was disinterested in us or I trip and because of bad advise we missed getting into Poseidon Temple for sunset although restaurant we ate ,at base of temple, was wonderful and we did have some outstanding sea bream. Our transfers in islands was not reliable but after calling each hotel that responded quickly. Katrina our tour guide in Naxos was exceptional and would highly recommend her also Catamaran Sunset Cruise in Santorini was good. It was getting close to end of season and after working 7 days a week since May they admitted they were about burned out. Not sure what Kimkim got as your percentage but felt considering our accommodations and seeing what they would have cost if we booked independently it seems maybe that Travel12 was probably a little high. We have booked with Keningston the last 3 years. They absolutely were much more expensive but all details were flawless and documents were sent well in advance. All that said I would use Kimkim again but would use much more due diligence on a personal basis than I did this trip. Thanks and please feel free to reach out to me if you like.

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Christos Mylonas, local specialist, responded to this review:

Dear Bill
Thank you for your detailed review about the trip in Greece.
First of all, I am glad that the overall experience was good and you did have a nice time.
We will take very much into consideration your comments in our continuous effort to improve.
Regarding the hotels in particular, I would say that we should have discussed more about it at the early planing phase. It is true that the cycladic islands have some particularities that make hotel choices a quite delicate matter.
Greetings from all the team