Great Introduction to Nepal
Nepal | Apr 21 - Apr 26, 2023

Rachael L.
Oman | Reviewed on Apr 27, 2023

What a great introduction to Nepal. My trip was so well organized and each place I stayed was unique with friendly hosts. Waking to Mountains in Nagarkot day 1 was amazing followed my 4 days of hiking up and down lush, terraced valleys with my amazing guides, Mingma and Dorze. I loved making Nepali food with Christina and Maya at Mata Chen, such a beautiful place to stay. My final day biking from Panouti to Kathmandu with my incredible guide Usha was surreal. From hilltop villages to temples along the way and a crazy, fun ride across Kathmandu right to my hotel. Unforgettable!

Hotel Review
Matan Chhen

Matan Chechen is so unique with beautiful, spacious rooms and traditional Newari architecture. The host Christina is so friendly and let me shop and cook dinner with her and Maya. They took me on a tour of the city’s temples and made sure my biking experience the next day was all set up. What a wonderful location with amazing people.

Authenticity & Character
Traditional architecture and home cooked meals. Rooms have brass sinks, intricate wood detail and thick, wood ceiling beams - gorgeous.
Right in the heart of Panouti
So helpful and friendly from shopping, walking and cooking together. They were kind and attentive. Space to socialize but also lots of room in your room to relax.
Cleanliness & Comfort
Comfortable bed, clean rooms and a nice sitting area in the room.
Local specialist: Amanda Delecca