Could have been better but not all on them
Costa Rica | Dec 19 - Dec 29, 2019

David J.
Alhambra, AZ | Jan 03, 2020

All the events were great and the accomodations were good. They planned the trip I wanted though it was a little too packed- almost stressful. That's on me though. The other thing was I had said that I didn't know how releastic it was for me to do all three things I wanted and was worried about logistics. I think they could have gotten me my itinerary a little sooner and if I knew that some days I would be in the car 5+ hours in a day I would say why don't we skip that. They did help me make changes on the fly however. And I also should have told them that I didn't want to wake up at 5AM on vacation. I guess that's on me too but I would think they could have said- hey if you want to do this, you have to get up at 5. I would have said no thanks.

Local specialist: Randall Jiménez
Randall Jiménez
Local specialist in San Pedro | Jan 03, 2020

Hi David,

Thank you for your feedback and I agree with you that a trip with fewer activities scheduled in advance might be the best option for you. Unfortunately, because of the logistics for some of the activities, the pick-up times should be arranged quite early to guarantee the best operation for the activity. We appreciate your feedback and we hope to have the option to put together a new experience for you taking into consideration the teaching from this past trip.