Erin was amazing!
Patagonia | Dec 20 - Jan 2, 2023

Pam F.
West Scarborough, ME | Reviewed on Jan 04, 2023

Erin was amazing! She nailed our itinerary on the first try. She was very open to questions and helped us narrow things down as needed. Every transfer, guide, etc was great. We spent two weeks in the region and never had any complications. I would highly recommend Erin for travel planning.

We loved the Estancia La Peninsula where we spend the day riding, eating incredible lamb and learning how the ranch worked. I left feeling like I’d spent the day with family.

We had several guides Devi, Virginia and Shelda (spelling may be wrong) and we learned so much from them about flora, fauna and the geology of the region. They were patient with our pace and let our son pick their brains about travel.

Truly and once in a lifetime trip that we got to share with our 20 something sons. Thank you Erin!

Hotel Review
Cyan Recoleta Hotel
Recoleta, Buenos Aires
Authenticity & Character
Walking distance to food, a mall, cemetery
Once they warmed up they were very helpful
Cleanliness & Comfort
Bugs in one room
Local specialist: Erin Wiley