Trip to Morocco - Nov 13 - Nov 20, 2018

Traveler: Cynthia V. - Local specialist: Brahim Bourrich

Most amazing trip! So many memories made that we will have forever. This touring company Kim Kim was amazing to work with. They tailored our trip so we could see and do all we wanted to see and do. Kind hearted people with much integrity. The guide we had in Marakesh--- Kahil was so knowledgable and helpful. Very kind man and full of so much knowledge and history. Rachid --our guide on our five day adventure into the Atlas Mountains and southern Morocco -- he was like family to us on. We had such fun and extraordinary experiences. Rachid is also an excellent photographer (a good eye) and he took and shared many photos he had taken of us during our time together. We learned much about the Berber people. He took us to several Cooperatives so we could see first hand the work of the Moroccan people - in their small villages. We toured the Argon Oil Cooperate, Berber Carpet Cooperative, the Rose Water Cooperative, the Fossil Cooperative, the Tannery and Leather Cooperative, the Spice and Saffron Cooperative. ... and so on. We learned so much about the Medinas in the villages, and the Kasbahs. We learned of the history of the Berber people. Then of course our night in the Sahara Africa with the Camal Caravan oh my! We love dour night in the Sahara with the great food and singing and drumming by the fire under the stars. The entire trip had such amazing food. Came back with all sorts of Moroccan spices, so our home now smells of Morocco. We have used our Tagines every day since being back.

I can't say enough good things about our experience in Morocco. We love the Moroccan people. We love the smells, the colors, the Call to Prayer. We loved all of it.

We are so looking forward to coming back to Morocco. We will definitely work with the same tour company. Perhaps next year!

En Shallah.

Cynthia and Janet

Brahim Bourrich profile photo
Brahim Bourrich, local specialist, responded to this review:

Salam Cynthia and Janet,

Thank you very much for sharing your travel experience with me and with my travelers. I am very happy you loved being in my country and discovering all the highlights hidden for you with my local guides and my local driver. I 'll make sure they are all informed and for sure everyone will be very happy!

I would love to taste the tagine you are cooking :)

I am looking forward to hearing back from you regarding the next adventure next year En Shallah!

All the best,