Esther, Kagiso, and Lucy were all so amazing!...
South Africa | Dec 22 - Jan 1, 2024

Stephanie O.
Chicago, IL | Reviewed on Jan 05, 2024

Esther, Kagiso, and Lucy were all so amazing! I don't think our trip to South Africa would have ever actually happened without their guidance and advice and expert itinerary. They were incredible and so is South Africa. They handled all of the overwhelming details, which left us to get to simply sit back and enjoy where we were and the incredible opportunity we had. They were often like our "moms" checking in just enough, but not too much, showed interest in our trip, and provided much needed advice throughout the trip. It was so helpful and reassuring to know we had expert advocates with us. All of the accommodations were clean, safe, and in good locations with helpful and friendly staff. I am sure we will be using kimkim again on future trips. The only bad part about this trip is now wondering how on earth we'll top it, guess we'll have to go back!

As for reviewing South Africa: I can't possibly say enough good things about this country other than what one local said while we were there "It's like cake, and everyone wanted a slice"

Local specialist: Esther Ruempol
Esther Ruempol
Local specialist in Johannesburg, South Africa | Replied on Jan 08, 2024

Hi Steph, this is so amazing to hear, thanks for your wonderful feedback and we hope to see you again! South Africa is so diverse, we have definitely not exhausted the variety of experiences yet ;-).