Chile 2019 Trip
Chile | Jun 28 - Jul 8, 2019

Soumava A.
Beaverton, OR | Aug 02, 2019

It was a great pleasure working with Daiana. She replied to all my questions throughout the planning phase and helped me customize my trip. I will give her a wave on top of the 5 star rating.

1) Our private guides Alejandra, Frank, and Javier (driving us) to the Moon and Mars Valley and the Rainbow Valley were absolutely fantastic. They had the passion and experience to match that of ours. They took pleasure answering our questions or even look up the internet to do so.
2) The group tour guides for the Cejar Lagoon and Tatio Geysers were great too but were not of the same quality as those on our private trips. They were friendly an responsive though. Although not too knowledgeable about the geology and scientific facts that they were explaining.
3) Star grazing was out of the world, I wish we could do more.
4) Location of the Hotel, friendliness of staff, proximity to major restaurants an town center was great.

Easter Island:
1) Stunning group tours at Easter Island. Great organization, improvisation when it started raining to add two trips into one helped us see everything planned.
2) Durande (might be butchering his name), our tour guide was a native Rapa Nui with the great depth and breadth of knowledge that impressed us.
3) Private tour to watch sunset at Tahai need not be a guided tour. All we needed is a vehicle to go to the spot. The tour guide was friendly and did his job, but there were not much to guide.
4) Location of the Hotel was too far from the town center. I would recommend giving us a choice even that makes a price difference. One option should be near town center or near beach the other option could be the one where we stayed.

Overall a 5 Star experience. Appreciate Daiana's willingness to help, good organization of the tours, and reasonably priced for the value we got.

Will highly recomment Kimkim and Say Hueque and will use them for our next trip to South America.

Best regards,
Soumava Adhya

Local specialist: Daiana Andion
Daiana Andion
Local specialist in | Aug 02, 2019

Hi Soumava!!
Many thanks for your feedback! I loved all your photos!!! I am so happy to know you had a great trip

I loved the picture of the sunset and all those landscapes!! It looks amazing

We are glad to know that you have had good guides and we really appreciate the feedback, that makes us improve our services through your experience.

Thanks for trust in us and we hope you trust in us in your next adventure!

Warm Regards from Buenos Aires,