A great taste of Morocco for our family of 6 ...
Morocco | Apr 28 - May 6, 2023

Don W.
Seaside, CA | Reviewed on May 24, 2023

A great taste of Morocco for our family of 6 adults. All aspects of the trip were good. Particularly memorable were: (1) our stay and morning walk with Salam at the riad Kasbah Roseville who took us through the roses and around town, (2) our cooking class and visit to a home in the Valley of the Roses where we cooked and enjoyed Berber pizza on a wood-fired oven in the with the family, (3) touring Fez with our extraordinary guide Said, and (4) our riad in Fez was a beautiful place and great guys with an extensive breakfast.

Hotel Reviews
Kasbah Roseville
Kalaat M'Gouna

Fantastic. The host Salam is a wonderful and gracious human. He took us on a lovely walk through the roses, countryside and about town.

Authenticity & Character
Cleanliness & Comfort
Riad Al Makan
Authenticity & Character
Very beautiful place.
Right where you want to be.
Consumate hosts that helped with everything and prepared extraordinary breakfasts!
Cleanliness & Comfort
well-appointed recently remodeled place
Activity Review
Guided Tour of Fes
Guided Tour of Fes
Quality of Experience
The alleys and markets of Fez are extraordinary, particularly when paired with our most excellent guide Said.
Guides, Drivers and Staff
Said was the best guide ever. Extremely articulate, thoughtful and informative.
Local specialist: Sharon Louthian