Covid Trip - Oct 9 - Oct 15, 2021

Traveler: Whitney S. - Local specialist: William Armstrong

The trip was kind of a cluster because of the COVID regulations, but some of the restaurants or destinations were closed on the day we were scheduled to see them. Our rental was a nightmare, we didn't fit in the cars and the car seat was unavailable, so we had to use a different one that was not functional that we had to makeshift into working. The tour guide/driver was just a driver. He didn't know the schedule and asked us where we were supposed to be going and seemed confused with the whole thing. He also didn't provide any information on any of the places. It was just quite odd. Otherwise, it went smoothly. Though I would suggest, if possible, Kim Kim add some sort of background audio that you could listen to on your way to the next destination so you get the background before you get there.