Amazing Northern Iceland
Iceland | Jun 8 - Jun 13, 2024

Jason L.
Atlanta, GA | Reviewed on Jun 14, 2024

Emanuela put together a fantastic trip for us in northern Iceland including Akureyri and Lake Mývatn.

The planning phase was very useful as we had several decision points that would have been unclear without her help. Do you fly or drive from Reykjavik? Answer - there’s little to see on that drive if you have the funds try to fly. How many days? We wound up adding one to make Mývatn and Akureyri 2 days and that was well worth it.

The itinerary was filled with otherwise unobtainable local nuance such as the very pleasant and unexpected cafe Kaffi Klara she casually mentioned in a note to an optional side trip to Olafsfjordur. Best apple cake we had anywhere. Or the endorsement of the seeming odd thing like the bird museum in Mývatn that nudged to try something unique we might not have considered. Suggested providers like hotels and horse riding outfits were very good. My wife’s horse ride in Mývatn was a highlight for her as she’s and advanced rider and she got a solo tour that worked on unique gaits of Icelandic horses.

Highest value to us I would say is having Emanuela available via messaging throughout. There are dozens of little questions that come up and we found it very comforting to just have a local available. 100% would recommend.

Hotel Review
Berjaya Hotel Myvatn

The design aesthetic is very unique in a cool way that’s hard to describe. Comfortable rooms. Good location. Restaurant was excellent for dinner. One of the better meals we had in Iceland.

Authenticity & Character
Cleanliness & Comfort
Local specialist: Emanuela Grieco
Emanuela Grieco
Local specialist in Iceland | Replied on Jun 15, 2024

Hi Jason,
thank you for your comment and review.

It was a pleasure to connect with you and help you planning your North Iceland adventure. And what an adventure it was!
I hope to have you and Allison back here again, one day, to see the rest. there is still so much to do and seeing Iceland!