Amazing 10 days in Iceland - Jul 2 - Jul 11, 2021

Traveler: Arun S. - Local specialist: Emanuela Grieco

I was looking for my first post Covid trip and Iceland Ring road travel was on my mind. During that research I came across KimKim and connected with a wonderful person by name of Emanuela. With three of us planning to travel together we wanted to drive through stunning Icelandic nature, photograph puffins, arctic terns and whales, stay in apartments and have good driving directions to all the places we wanted to visit. Told her the $ amount we want to spend. As the itinerary was built I was able to add or subtract locations. End product was a 62 page document with all the driving directions plus SUV and 8 different stay locations organized. I purchased the Air ticket and rest was handled by her. The best part of the trip was she or her team mate were available all the time to help us out while we were there. PCR Test direction was conveniently included a day before our departure to US. There are many memorable moments of this trip. Trekking to the volcano which is still spilling lava, strolling through Akureyri, visiting a small village, Borgarfjordur Eystri with a population of 100 providing an amazing opportunity to watch Puffins from very close quarters. I am yet to download 3200 pictures which I took. Thanks to KimKim and Emanuela. We had such wonderful time in Iceland!! Icing on the cake was visiting Blue Lagoon before our flight to US.