Best trip ever!
Portugal | Aug 6 - Aug 14, 2022

Philip G.
Limerick, PA | Reviewed on Aug 16, 2022

Gosh, Portugal was never on my radar till a few weeks ago. We spontaneously cancelled our planned trip to Ba Hamar and went in a different direction. Being familiar with KimKim, my wife found Pedro to be the most experienced/ highest reviews on the KimKim sight when it came to Portugal. We stayed in Lisbon for 3 nights at the Tivoli. Pedro scheduled our hotel, and a walking tour, as well as coordinated our driver around our schedule.
Then the driver drove us to Algarve. Pedro put us in the Vila Veda Parc resort, which, was the most picturesque place I'd ever been to...Period. This says a lot b/c people would say I'm a seasoned traveler, and I stay at 5 star hotels when we do travel. This was it. Vila Veda Parc.
The final destination was Cascais, where we stayed at the Miragem Hotel. Cascais was more international, vs. Algarve which was 100% touristy. Cascais had culture, little streets to walk around into where you can get "lost" but the center of Cascais is not too big to not be able to find your way a back to the hotel. We would 100% do this again.

Local specialist: Pedro Luis
Pedro Luis
Local specialist in Lisbon | Reviewed on Aug 16, 2022

Hi Philip and Phoebe,
Greetings from Portugal!

Thank you for your amazing feedback - we really appreciate the trust and decision to visit our country!

We are really happy to know you enjoyed your time with us and that you would be willing to do it again - that is the best we can hear from you.

Perhaps you will be able to bring your daughter next time and have some time all together :)

All the best,
Pedro & Across Portugal Team