We are home, thank you so much for putting th...
Chile | Jan 9 - Feb 24, 2023

John Mark
John Mark W.
United Kingdom | Reviewed on Mar 03, 2023

We are home, thank you so much for putting the trip together. We have had an amazing time, experienced so much and learnt so many things about the countries we visited. We could never have done it ourselves. All the trip went to plan apart from the interruptions in Peru which we managed with. It was great to see such good organising. We were collected and delivered on time to wherever we needed to be. La Paz was a great city to visit. The drive across the highlands of Bolivia was unforgettable. Seeing the Geysers at dawn was a brilliant experience. Our hire car was good and we survived the rough roads to see the amazing Marble Caves. The visit to Magdelana Island to walk amongst the penguins was a real highlight of the trip. The cruise from Punta Arenas to Usuaia was fantastic. Horse riding was fun, so many things we did, can't write about them all.

Local specialist: Emilce Alonso
Emilce Alonso
Local specialist in Córdoba | Replied on Mar 09, 2023

Dear Mark & Diane,

Thank you for taking the time to write us a review. This helps us to improve every day!

It was a pleasure to help you carry out this massive adventure of 47 days through Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina :)
I loved reading every detail in your blog and on behalf of the entire Trips South America team, we sincerely appreciate your trust in the execution of such a beautiful trip.

I hope to welcome you back to South America soon in the future!

All the best,