Born Again Camper Does The W Trek
Chile | Feb 3 - Feb 7, 2020

Courtney H.
Canada | May 12, 2020

This whole experience has been wonderful, start to finish. Everyone involved in the trip planning portion (Erin & Julie) were very attentive, informative and prompt. I would just like to say that I work in marketing for a tourism DMO and have been in the hospitality industry for 10+ years - Cote was one of the best guides I have ever encountered. She was organized, genuine, hospitable, knowledgeable and she intuitively knew what our group needed at all aspects of the trip. I cannot stress enough what a unique and authentic person she is, she truly made the trek all the better.

Also, the staff at all the lodges (in particular our third stay at a Fantistico Sur) were so warm & welcoming. I’ll be spreading the word about this experience!

Local specialist: Erin Wiley
Erin Wiley
Local specialist in Punta Arenas | May 12, 2020


Thank you so much for the kind feedback! You all were fantastic to plan this trip with and thank you for your great communication, patience and kindness throughout the process. Thank you for the glowing review and we've made sure to pass this along to Cote :)

All the best,