Jordan - Dec 29 - Jan 4, 2019

Traveler: May Y. - Local specialist: Lena Sluga

Our trip to Jordan was great but we encountered glitches almost everyday we needed a driver to go to a different location.

On day 2, there was first a conflict because we were told the driver would be there at 8am but he was told 9am. Unfortunately he was then in an accident and could no longer be our driver. Company sent a new driver but we lost almost 3 hours that day, losing precious time, not allowing time for us to visit little Petra that day.

When it was time for us to leave Petra to go to Wadi Rum, again we waited for our driver who was provided the wrong hotel name. once we contacted Lena, she contacted the driver who then came to the right hotel. We lost again precious time.

in Wadi Rum, we had booked a horse back ride. Once we got to our tent site, they did not have us listed as horse back riding and instead had us booked for camel ride/ We asked to still do horse back. The next day we were brought to do horse back riding. After the ride someone came and asked that we pay for our ride. Our driver had to get involved and eventually someone fro the company had to come and pay cash for the horse back riding. We again lost almost 2 hours of sight seeing time.

Otherwise, the sites were beautiful although Petra was awfully crowded.....

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Lena Sluga, local specialist, responded to this review:

Thanks a lot for your review, we always appreciate feedback, so we know what to improve for the future. Again, my apologies for the hiccups in your trip, but I am glad that overall you had a nice trip. I also hope you enjoyed our complimentary goods to make up for the delays/ confusions.