Manaslu Circuit Trek - Sep 29 - Oct 17, 2016

Traveler: Rita M. - Local specialist: Amanda Delecca

The trip was great, and the track is outstanding. At the last night, we had a taste what annapurna circuit would be like. The land space looked amazing also but far too many other trackers and quite touristy. Happy with the choice of manaslu. The organisation regarding transport and accommodation were good, it is easi r to have your private transports Than going on the public bus and avoid the walking in on the first day to soti kola. As the days went on, we trusted more the guide and the porters. At the beginning guide was using some trainers and jeans instead of some hiking gear. He then bought hiking boots as the ones he had broken, and from day 4 onwards he had appropriate gear, including pants and down jacket. It may be our judgement, but I believe it is important guide and porters to have proper gear, it is another safety measure. Porters did almost the entire track in flip flops except the day of the pass in sneakers. They said that is what they are used to. So this would be my only remark, ensure guide and porters have the appropriate gear. The Xperience was outstanding and the guide and the porters fantastic, which definitely contributed positivity to the whole experience.
Our guide was able to answer majority of the questions that we had about Nepal and or nepali culture. This is important feature of the guide to be able to talk about the country and not only about the trek

Before the trip, communication was extremely efficient. In nepal, she was friendly and approachable. Nice touch at the end, with a meeting after the trip to hear feedback and give us a
Little survenir

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Amanda Delecca, local specialist, responded to this review:

Hi Rita,

Thanks so much for your comments! It was a pleasure to help you organise your family get-together in Nepal and the wonderful Manaslu Circuit trek. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your time with Rishi and the crew and that him being there made a difference to your trip.

We hope to see you in this part of the world again! :)