Quality experience and well guided
Nepal | Apr 12 - Apr 19, 2022

Adrien R.
Haiti | Reviewed on May 04, 2022

Our experience was wonderful and a lot more qualitative than what we expected. Thanks to the great guidance of Naresh and Kunga we always had the best accomodations and often a private room for us two with bathroom attached. This even in the highest point.
Naresh, the guide, was always adapting to our pace, finding the right balance between giving us additional information and explanation, and respecting our privacy. They were always available if we needed anything.
We made it to the top thanks to them!

Local specialist: Amanda Delecca
Amanda Delecca
Local specialist in Kathmandu and USA | Reviewed on May 05, 2022

Hi Adrien, thanks for your review, I know Naresh and the whole team are so happy to be out on the trails again. It was lovely to meet you both, we look forward to having you here again!