walking in Corsica
France | Jul 3 - Jul 6, 2019

Laura E.
Australia | Aug 29, 2019

While our trip to Corsica was fantastic and the 4-day walk we did amazing - the whole experience was let down by the poor communication of logistics once we were on the ground.

1. Most egregious was the omission of details about where we would be staying each night along the 4 day hike!!! We didn't even know the names of the accommodation (much less contact details) and had to ask the initial luggage porter where he was dropping our bags the first night. For the following nights we had to ask our accommodation hosts each morning to phone around the next night's town to find out who was expecting us! Luckily one of our party spoke fluent french, or otherwise this could have been a complete disaster...

(On a bright note all of the accommodation was very good and clean. And the hosts were superb - helpful, friendly, welcoming).

2. The route and topographic maps supplied were very poor quality photocopies. They made navigating very difficult. I strongly suggest either including proper trekking maps in the price of the trip or charge a small surplus to do so!

3. The route description booklet could/should be improved with additional photographs & details - especially for key landmarks and tricky intersections. Also I'm not convinced the distance estimates were accurate... Our own GPS devices reported that each day was longer than stated. For example the first day was supposed to be 11-12km but was in fact +15km.

While none of these issues ended up ruining the trip, they certainly made it more challenging for no good reason. Fortunately the beautiful countryside, delicious food and wine, and wonderful people we met along the way are what we will remember from our time walking across Corsica!

Local specialist: Claudia Meloni
Claudia Meloni
Local specialist in | Aug 29, 2019

Hi Laura,

First I would like to thank you for taking time to give us your feedback.
We are happy you enjoyed the walks and the accomodations.

About the communication we gave you our Emergency number to reach us quickly.
About the accomodation this is surprising we always give the hotel list. At least Lorraine had it ?
We take into account your feedback about the route and topographic map to improve it.

Thank you !