Atacama Desert & Lake District - 8 Days - Mar 13 - Mar 23, 2019

Traveler: Beth S. - Local specialist: Oxana Protchenko

Really fantastic experience booking my trip to Chile with KimKim. Oxana was very knowledgeable and helped me plan the perfect trip and every detail seemed to be taken care of. The transportation services were excellent and I was able to experience all the parts of Chile I had hoped to visit. I was even automatically checked in for domestic flights I had while in Chile, which was super convenient. The accommodations were also superb. My only quibble would be that some of the tours I was on were with people that were about twice my age (I’m 29 and the median age of a lot of my fellow tourists seemed to be about 60). I would have enjoyed being around those more my own age, but also realize that as a solo traveler, I am being accommodated by tour groups that are able to take me and it’s not necessarily within KimKim’s control as to what age group I end up touring with, and it didn’t negatively impact my experience- just something for others to bear in mind. And in some instances I was the only person signed up for a tour and the tours still went, which was really appreciated as I know some tours won’t go if they don’t get enough participants. Overall excellent experience and service and I will definitely consider traveling with KimKim again in the future!

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Oxana Protchenko, local specialist, responded to this review:

Hello Beth,
Great to know that you enjoyed the trip!
We do always try to make sure that even as a solo traveller everyone can do the tours they want, as for the age group for those - hopefully, we will be able to sort it out but as you mentioned, sometimes it is not easy to accommodate each group according to the age.

Best wishes and happy future travels!