I never met Lena. During planning she was v...
Jordan | Jan 27 - Feb 1, 2020

Stanley H.
New Bern, NC | Jan 20, 2021

I never met Lena. During planning she was very helpful and responsive in answering questions. I do not know where in the process there was break down in communications. Lena was given the details of arrival - 2 separate flights. airlines and arrival times for the party of 7. The first flight to arrive had no one to meet them. They sat 3 hrs before the arrival of the remainder of us. The person who met the second group paperwork was based on all arriving together on the later flight but was asking where the first 2 were as he couldn't find them. He was very anxious and thus confusing us. Our tour guide Hassan was the worst guide all 7 of us have ever had. All of us have been traveling throughout Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia for many tears.

Local specialist: Lena Sluga