Portugal - Lisbon and the Algarve...with Tiago's help!
Portugal | Oct 18 - Oct 23, 2021

Eric B.
Newburyport, MA | Nov 03, 2021

The trip was amazing because of the great planning and work Tiago did. He was with us every step of the way leading up to and duriung the trip. We changed plans and had issues - and he always picked up the phone - resolved problems and gave great advice. Its so awesome to have a partner in a country you haven't been to before. Its also really luxuriouls to have your hotels and car booked for you and have someone waiting at the airport.

We are so happy we spent a few extra dollars and used KimKim. It was only a 'few' more dollars also - incredible value for the money.

If you go to Portugal...ask for Tiago!

Local specialist: Tiago Filipe
Tiago Filipe
Local specialist in Alfragide | Nov 03, 2021

Dear Eric,

I truly feel flattered by your comments. But I think that the key here was that both you and Kelly are really easy going and laid back people!!

The only thing I had to add is that you have been skipping your Portuguese lessons. My offer still stands! With a couple of messages a day I'm sure you'd get to learn something!!

Um forte abraço e um beijinho à Kelly!