A Multi-Faceted and Special Experience of Egypt
Egypt | Apr 8 - Apr 21, 2024

Chris M.
United Kingdom | Reviewed on Apr 29, 2024

A multi-faceted and amazing experience of one of the world's oldest nation states. So well organised by Mohammed who was incredibly patience and approachable in helping me organising a trip in which I saw many sides of Egypt from world famous sites that need no introduction to the lesser seen parts where the experience was both unique and memorable. Staring with the Great Pyramids of Giza and the great Egyptian Museum in Cairo followed by a relaxing day to Alexandria on the Mediterranean, guide Ahmed gave me a really good introduction to Egypt both ancient and modern from the Pharaohs to Egypt's role in the modern world, giving a great in depth description of all the sophisticated symbology including the hieroglyphics and exploring ancient Egypt's relationships with ancient Greece and Rome in the amazing Alexandria Catacombs. Ahmed's superb introduction to Egypt provided a great foundation for the next part of my trip which was a Nile Cruise visiting Egypt's great monuments including Abu Simbel, the Kom Obo, Edufu, Philae, Hatshepstut and Karnak Temples and the Valley of the Kings where the guide really brought over 3,000 years of history to life. The hot air balloon trip was also a great recommendation, seeing the valley from above at sunrise.

When planning trips, including this one, I try as best as I can to optimise the experience to the full, including selecting locations that enable this, but often, locations deliver so much more than one anticipates, and this was where the second week of my trip became special, including providing me with a personal 'Triple Crown' of memorable experiences starting with diving in the Red Sea at Hurghada seeing some amazing marine life while feel so assured underwater courtesy of a great instructor, Mohamed Ali, whose instructions were so clear that I felt so calm and assured underwater and got a good command of the scuba equipment, one of the finest diving experiences I have had. From beautiful underwater sites, the next stop was an amazing night sky while camping in the Black Desert, one of Egypt's lesser visited parts, looking so other-worldly, as if it had never been visited. The experience was made extra special by guide Evram who was so friendly and fun. His enthusiasm for camping and the outdoors was so evident, which made me feel safe and welcomed in a thrilling remote location. The Milky Way shone like jewels in the Triple Crown, but the crowning glory though was summiting Mount Sinai at sunset, a special experience. in between the desert safaris recommended by Mohamed were also excellent, especially the camel rides.

The first week was Historic Egypt, and the second was Adventure Egypt, both of which were special experiences which will last a lifetime, including in the stars seen in the Black Desert where the Pharaohs believed their eternity was. Tips for future Egypt trip planners - if visiting the deserts, be sure to get Evram as your guide, as you'll have a great time!

Local specialist: Mohamed Nabil
Mohamed Nabil
Local specialist in Egypt | Replied on May 08, 2024

Dear Chris,
I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for your recent positive feedback. Your kind words mean a lot to us and serve as a great motivation for everyone on our team.

It's always a pleasure to hear that our efforts have positively impacted your travel experience. We strive to provide excellent service and create memorable moments for each of our guests, and knowing that we've succeeded in doing so for you brings us immense joy.