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Argentina | Apr 5 - Apr 20, 2023

Sandra R.
San Jose, CA | Reviewed on Apr 25, 2023

How do I put into words my Patagonian Adventures that I've experienced with the people I've met in this journey of self discovery. They are all now a part of my extended family. I've seen such splendor, majestic beauty, and an overwhelming sense of grandeur. It's like when God finished creating the world in 6 days before he rested on the 7th he dusted his hands off over the Patagonian Provinces of Argentina and formed a lavish banquet of wonders with an array of unique wildlife, mountain peaks, glaciers, forests, and lakes all in Argentina for all the world to enjoy and embrace.


I thoroughly recommend Kimkim as they have outperform, and surpass my expectations. All the accommodations were nothing less than 5 stars, all transfers to and from hotels, all my domestic flights across Argentina were handled with such detail, my friend Ana was handling it all. ( I just can't call her a tour specialist). I feel Ana has been with me through this journey from start to finish. When I started this plan to cover as much of Argentina in 16 days I thought it was an impossible task. From Day 1 to Day 16 Ana was right there with me. From My Buenos Aires Querido to all of Patagonia. Starting with my first stop in Calafate as I ventured on a Mini Trekking across the Perito Moreno Glacier, in San Marcos Bariloche experiencing the Nahuel Huapi National Park in the province of Río Negro and Neuquén, along the Valle Encantado route 237 la Angostura this region comprises the southern section of the Andes Mountains with lakes, fjords, rainforests, and glaciers in the west and deserts, rich tablelands and steps to the east. Patagonia is bounded by the Pacific Ocean to the east and many bodies of water that connect them. More than a trip of a lifetime. This checks all the boxes on my bucket list.

I can't forget my friend Luis (now a part of my extended family) my private guide as he shared with me the beauty of this province and the wealth of its natural resources. Luis’s knowledge of the province from the Condors nesting grounds to how the locals protect and respect nature. Luis and I spent 14 hours covering as much of the Patagonia landscape before night fall. Stopping to see Llamas crossing the routes and capturing their beauty as local commuters were missing out on what was in front of them. The voyage on board CauCau ferry headed to Victoria Island overjoyed with the breathe-taking views. You have to see it in order to believe it. I did the Circuito Chico Lago Moreno. Llao Llao, saw llamas, Rio Limay, it’s un-imaginable how small we are and what we take for granted, we miss out on what is in front of us. I took time to listen, hear, smell and taste the pureness of the air that was surrounding me. I even visited the smallest Rio in the world. (Thank you Luis for this gold nugget) Rio Correntoso. Folks...the list of lakes and wildlife goes on and on.

Next stop was Iguazu Falls National Park, my dear guide Camila more than just a guide, she's smart and very pretty. Super knowledgeable with the flora and fauna of Iguazu and has the ears and eyes of a hawk to find the smallest of details of the wildlife that live and breathe in this region. Camila and I managed to walk 600 meters on the green path, 1750 meters on the superior circuit and rounded it out with a 2200 meter walk to the Devils Throat (astounding 80 meters in depth) all while managing to see an early morning rodent Acuti, birds like the Magpie, Boyero, Mallard Ducks, Jotes (black head and red head), Aninga, and Coati mammals.

My families home, this is where the self discovery comes in. Rich in ancestral history that dates back to the 1900s starting with my Grandfather Don Gustavo Julian Ruiz Cornellias and his lovely wife J. Elvira Ruiz de Gagliolo they migrated from Madrid Spain to Buenos Aires at 30 years of age. I was born in Buenos Aires and came to the United States, and the rest of my family settled in Mendoza where I managed to learn of my great great grandfather's contribution to Argentina’s rich history as he is immortalized at the Plaza Marcos Burgos right next to the national hero of Argentina, Chile and Peru Jose de San Martin. If you love wine Mendoza is the place for it and visiting the vineyards of Tupungato & Tunuyan is the right place to start. Time to relax, inhale the beauty that is Valle de Uco. Ana and her dream-maker team set me up with an experience that I will never forget at Casa De Uco, a must stay, wine testing at various vineyards like Gaia, Sophenia and the Piece de resistance lunch at Andeluna, I totally recommend this place, the food, the warmth of the staff at Andeluna is unmatched. Take 3-4 hours for lunch its so worth it. I was the last to leave. Make sure you stop at Puente de Inca along the Rio Mendoza before you experience Cerro Aconcagua, have a picnic lunch at the foot of Laguna Horcones and take in the beauty that is this province.

In closing don’t let a day go by without embracing it. I found real meaning on this trip. What truly matters. It’s Family and Time. There is a balance. Life is short and we are not promised tomorrow. So live for today. Be grateful for what you do, what you have, and share with those around you that are not as fortunate. We are all part of one another in one shape or form, we touch peoples lives with kindness whether you believe if of not….so be kind.

Hotel Reviews
Nido del Condor Hotel & Spa
San Carlos de Bariloche

Ana, picked rooms that really captured the period, of simple and charming. picturesque windows that overlook the Lago. what more can you ask for.

Authenticity & Character
like the other the architecture and the charm, restaurant was great and the food was amazing
location in walking distance to the general store and restaurants next door. on the main road, without hearing traffic, super calm
Efrain was super helpful. checking in and providing an adaptor for charging.
Cleanliness & Comfort
Mirador del Lago
El Calafate

charming and true to the Swiss-style architecture. the buffet style breakfast was more than I expected. Not what we Americans call a continental breakfast, this hotel goes above and beyond

Authenticity & Character
it's charm, it's like going back in time to the 50-60's the decor was beautiful
I had a stunning few of the Lago, every morning when the sun rose.
everyone - Lee at the desk, ease in checking in and out, answered all my questions, responded on WhatsApp, so personable
Cleanliness & Comfort
bed, bathroom, a dream
Loi Suites Iguazú Hotel
Puerto Iguazú

Hotel is breathe-taking, amidst a rain forest, come-on!!! straight shot from the airport and through a rainforest, if you are jet lagged this certainly will take that away. Opening up the doors and entering into the lobby then escorted to my Suite walking on hanging bridges in order to get to my suite. Priceless, having an outdoor setting area where I can have a coffee and listen to the wildlife, WOW !!! Do I need to say more? You get the picture. Food and Service exceptional.

Authenticity & Character
the hotel is camaflouge within a rainforest you can't get more authentic and eco conscious then that. I applaud the designer.
helpful and accommodating
Cleanliness & Comfort
exceptional, was super comfortable. from the towels to the mini bar to the sheets of this enormous bed. Thank you Thank you.
Casa de Uco Vineyards & Wine Hotel

10, 10, 10 all the way. from the moment the driver stopped at the door of Casa de Uco they didn't stop pampering me. Spa treatments, the food, service of the staff, their kindness and attention to detail from the silverware to the delivery of the meals, the piano music while dinning was key. it gave the sense of relaxation and time to enjoy the meal and have a good conversation among family, the additional items in the room where a pleasant surprise. I really liked that details within the room, and the turndown service, the staff was on it. I don't believe I had to call them, they anticipated my every need before I asked for it.

Authenticity & Character
the architecture, modern and stylish, the design of each room had a design purpose to it, library, pool room, spa simple, the hotel lended to a French and Canadian flare that I liked.
the vineyard, the mountain range, the amenities horse back riding, the herb and vegetable garden, the duck pond while I had breakfast in the morning that I can see from my table and enjoy.
they were always available for questions. and helpful and kind
Cleanliness & Comfort
exceptional service, anticipated my requests before I asked.
Local specialist: Ana Gutierrez
Ana Gutierrez
Local specialist in Buenos Aires | Replied on May 05, 2023

Dear Sandra!
How nice to read such a sweet and detailed review! Thank you for taking the time to write and share your experience, I really appreciate and makes me happy to know you enjoyed your trip to Argentina so much.

As I said during our coffee meeting, I really enjoyed putting this trip together and the process of working with you, and following your stay here day by day. You're an amazing person and an awesome traveler! 😊

Best regards from Buenos Aires, and looking forward to having you back in these lands soon!


P.S. All our guides loved you too!