Trip to Greece
Greece | May 15 - May 24, 2019

Judy M.
St Louis, MO | Jun 05, 2019

We had a fantastic time in Greece and thought it was a great trip. The welcome dinner at ManiMani was superb, each dish better than the one before. The tour of Santorini's farm produce and wines with Anna was terrific; our trip to Delphi with Effie was also fabulous. Another highlight of the trip was the hotel in Ornus -- it was so delightful just to be there. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about it and the staff was great. We also had lovely people running the hotel in Kamari -- Mary was really delightful. We had some really great guides -- Kostas was wonderful at the Acropolis and very understanding when Marvin was having his spell. I also really enjoyed the tour of Akrotiri and the Palace at Knossos, and found the guides knowledgeable and capable of handling questions. I would suggest that perhaps more time be allotted to both of those sites, however, since it was very rushed and we didn't really get to savor things. I do understand that there are so many visitors and our guides were trying to stay ahead of the crowds -- this may not be something that could be fixed during a tour in May, but I offer it just in case. The museum in Knossos was fantastic, as was the National Archaeological museum (we visited it on our own). I had been told how great the Parthenon museum was and it did not disappoint. We took the suggestion of a friend and had lunch there, overlooking the Acropolis. That was really delightful and I recommend it to others.
One complaint i have, however, was our tour in Delos. I found the guide, Athena, was not particularly responsive to the group. Her accent was such that we had a great deal of difficulty understanding her, and hearing was also a problem. I would suggest that for a group of anything over 10, Assisted Listening Devices be used. I work in an art museum and that is our policy and it really makes it a much better experience. Everyone can hear; guides don't need to raise their voices to be heard. I would suggest that a Delos visit be longer, or at least people should be told that they could take the later ferry if they wanted. Since we had someone meeting us after the tour, I didn't realize that was an option.
I don't want my review to end on an extended complaint, however, since for the most part it was a wonderful trip and we enjoyed it immensely. We found the KimKim staff, as well as some of the local agencies, very responsive and for the most part, things went smoothly and we had a terrific vacation.

Local specialist: Christos Mylonas
Christos Mylonas
Local specialist in Athens | Jun 05, 2019

Dear Judy
First of all we are very happy that you had a nice time and enjoyed your holidays.
Thank you very much for finding the time to write this review. Your feedback is really valuable for us and also for the future travelers.
We will take in to considerations all your points here, I think you are right in all of them.
Best Regards