Iceland2019 - Aug 6 - Aug 12, 2019

Traveler: Dean R. - Local specialist: Preeti Bhide

Favorite memories of our early August 2019 trip to Iceland include the low sunlight illuminating the horses in a field near Hofn and lighting the cliffs behind Hotel Kria as we got into our rooms that night.

August 10 was a 5 star day: beautiful shirt sleeve weather, ice cave tour -- just out of Vik-- with Katlatrack, followed by puffin shots, followed by rainbow shots at Skogafoss, followed by Frost and Fire restaurant. Try their chocolate cake and Pine-smoked Arctic Char!

Our ice cave guide gave us lots of insider information and gave constant cheerful helping hands so Jen could tour the cave with a bum ankle.

Thanks to KimKim who took tons of planning off our shoulders!