Amazing experience
Galapagos Islands | Nov 3 - Nov 13, 2022

Silvia S.
Rochester, NY | Reviewed on Nov 16, 2022

Alvaro booked a series of wonderful tours for me. With one exception, the Galapagos partners and guides were reliable, knowledgable and personable, with a true interest in sharing their knowledge of the island and its wildlife and ecology, willing to share of themselves and make a personal connection, as well as get me to and from destinations safely and on time. Particular standout guides were Danny (for the introduction to the Island), Solange (everyday assistance and San Cristobal Highlands visit), Christian (for Espanola), Patricio (for Santa Cruz), Freddy and the crew of the Nautilus (for Bartholome), Rita (Santa Cruz), for getting me to and from places on time and helping me search for my phone, and the crew of Wreck Bay Adventures.
Best trips, in my opinion, were Espanola and Bartholome, with the service and comfort on the Nautilus exceeding all expectations. Occasional miscommunications did occur, but the overall experience was wonderful.

Hotel Review
Isla Azul Eco Hostal
Puerto Ayora

This hotel was a good fit for me. I like a comfortable bed, a hot shower, and a nice common areas, but don't need much in terms high luxury. The rooms were clean and nice and the owners and staff were very interesting to chat with and very accommodating to my dietary needs. overall I had a wonderful stay at Isla Azul.

Authenticity & Character
I liked the use of wood in the rooms and the building, it made it very cozy and pleasant to sit in. There is a semi-outdoor common area/lobby that was very comfortable and stocked with books. The owners had interesting stories to tell
It's an average location, felt safe, some stores and bars nearby, about 10 min walk to the "strip"
Very helpful and accommodating
Cleanliness & Comfort
rooms were cleaned daily, water refilled every other day.
Activity Review
Embracing Nature: Discovering Wildlife on Española Island
Embracing Nature: Discovering Wildlife on Española Island
Isla San Cristóbal

This was a fantastic trip -- the amount of wildlife we saw was mind-blowing and Christian was a wonderful guide. The crew on the boat was very personable and even found my lost waterbottle! Should have brought a better wetsuit for the snorkeling. The water was really chilly!

Quality of Experience
All of it
The food was good. I liked the fresh fruit. Overall the boat lunches are so -so, but they always have rice, so great for gluten-free dietary needs.
Guides, Drivers and Staff
So helpful, communicative, and personable. The guide knew a lot!
We were lucky with the ocean not being too choppy that day. The boat can be a little crowded for longer trips
Local specialist: Alvaro Pereira
Alvaro Pereira
Local specialist in Quito, Ecuador | Replied on Nov 16, 2022

Hello Silvia!

I am so happy that the Galapagos Islands exceeded your expectations!! 🥳

The wildlife and landscape of the Archipelago are truly phenomenal and you got a beautiful experience.

Next time: The Ecuadorian Amazon! haha 😁

Warm hugs from your friend in the middle of the world!