Trip to Iceland - Sep 18 - Oct 1, 2019

Traveler: Judith M. - Local specialist: Caroline Bjarnason

Our trip to Iceland was incredible. The places to stay were a wonderful and except for the last night way exceeded our expectations. The last night was fine it was just a smaller room than all the others we stayed at so had grown accustomed to the beautiful rooms and locations along the way. The hints of things to see and do were very helpful. The food was fabulous and enjoyed the breakfast offered at each hotel. Appreciated Caroline's suggestion to go clockwise around the island. It worked out perfectly and we saw the northern lights 6 nights. Fosshotel Nupier was the best for them and wish we could've stayed their 2 nights. Mostly wish we had more time and could've had more days to explore areas. Just gives a reason to come back. Fosshotel Siglo and Fosshotel Eastjords were my favorite hotels. Didn't get the opportunity to use the pool at Ork but so was planning on it just something came up that changed the plans. Since it was a self tour we could adjust our plans based on what happened each day. 4 of the hotels I would have like 2 nights to explore those areas more, included Siglufjdur, one more further north of Mytvan and also be able to take a whale tour, East Fjords, and Skafatfel. Highlights besides the countryside and drives with stops along the way, numerous waterfalls (breathtaking and each unique), sheep, and birds was the Diamond Beach, Petras stone museum, helping herd sheep, Vatnsnes cave tour, hiking in Dimmuborgir and Dynjandi falls. The people were friendly. The guide at the Cave people tour, Hermann was awesome as well as the guide Max at the into the glacier tour.