Kim kim is great but you have to be careful about the travel agent you get
Chile | Mar 7 - Mar 17, 2023

joshua p.
Orlando, FL | Reviewed on Apr 22, 2023

Had an amazing trip overall and loved our itinerary to Chile and Patagonia. Overall, the coordination between cities was great and the transfers were perfect. The kim kim platform was wonderful and I really liked this service. However, I would not recommend using the agency or Ana, as she dropped the ball as our travel planner. Specifically, we met virtually to discuss the details of our hike in Patagonia… her lack of knowledge and insight into the W trek led to us staying in a small 4 foot tent in rainy 30 degree cold weather located at the top of a mud hill instead of a warm room dorm that you could walk around in and has individual showers. Additionally there were other scheduling issues that led to us missing our hike briefing, which caused a bit of a mess for us. My expectation is that a travel agent helps you to navigate options, provide insight that you would otherwise not have, and ensure a smooth schedule throughout the trip. This was not the case. Again, the basics of the trip were great… but this is more of a “plug and chug” kind of agency.

Local specialist: Ana Maibach