19 Day Trip to Southern Patagonia (Chile and Argentina)
Patagonia | Mar 7 - Mar 25, 2023

Carl G.
San Diego, CA | Reviewed on Mar 28, 2023

Erin helped us plan a great itinerary for our 19 day trip to southern Patagonia. She knows the area very well and made helpful suggestions on things to do and see and how to plan the logistics for what we could accomplish in a given day, especially where to stay the night before to be properly positioned to make full use of the following day. She arranged all the transfers, hotels and guided excursions, and each provider communicated with us the day before about what to expect. Our trip had a lot of "moving parts" in it, so when something inevitably changed during the planning process, Erin was quick to help us with a recovery plan to work around the change. Our trip had the feeling of independent travel, but without all the hassles of planning every detail. For anyone wanting to visit Patagonia in Chile and/or Argentina, I highly recommend working with Erin to plan your trip.

Local specialist: Erin Wiley