iceland 2107 - Jun 15 - Jun 26, 2018

Traveler: Annie T. - Local specialist: Preeti Bhide

Overall, the trip was amazing. We really enjoyed the sights, food and experience. The different hostels each had a charm of their own, and only one or so was even remotely a negative., and that was because of the access to the house and kitchen.
My only concern was the hike in Hornstrandir was extremely strenuous. I had appropriate gear, and was in decent enough shape to find it enjoyable, however the description kind of made it sound like an easy stroll. Other people might not be as prepared with gear, and/or ability. Although if I had understood, maybe I would have had more fear. So it’s hard to say if more description would have been good or bad! We got through it and felt that we really accomplished something at the end. . I absolutely loved our guide and the experience. It was incredible, but I was somewhat unprepared for the reality of wading shoeless in icy creeks and rivers and hiking straight uphill for several kilometers.

Also the road to Látrabjarg, HOLY CRAP, that road was so super scary, for little payoff at the end, it was really foggy and we couldn’t see much. A little warning about that road and maybe I could have been a little more prepared, and not so scared that we would slide off into the ocean.

Otherwise, everything was fabulous. We enjoyed the horseback riding, the hostel in Broddannes was our favorite, hands down. What a stunning place.
We also really enjoyed the town that was the Herring Capital, and the museum there.
The whale watching was a little different than we do here in the states, but it was pleasant nonetheless, and I hope that Iceland abandons it’s Whaling program for whale watching instead, as I’m sure it’s more lucrative and more humane. But I’m an environmentalist, and have been against whaling my whole life. I hate to think of these creatures being killed. Seeing them on the menus in Reykjavík , I had to grit my teeth with that one.
Again, I had a wonderful, memorable time!! I will never forget it!!