Fantastic tour company, reliable, professional and knowledgeable - Dec 22 - Jan 3, 2020

Traveler: Preeti H. - Local specialist: Sharon Louthian

I visited Morocco for 12 days in December and had a wonderful time, thanks to a large part due to the services provided by Morocco Immersion Tours.
Let’s start with trip planning: I travel a fair bit (had been on the road for weeks) and had left booking this itinerary to November! I had an idea of the places I wanted to visit and was looking for a private car & driver to drive me around the country + expert guidance on the itinerary. That’s exactly what I got with Sharon. She got in touch with me promptly (within a day or less) and made suggestions and modifications to my proposed itinerary to make the most of my time there. We went back and forth a couple of times and within a couple of days my itinerary was locked & loaded.
Now let’s look at the actual experience. As a solo female traveler, safety is a priority. I was provided an English speaking driver/tour manager, Ali, who was awesome!! The SUV was in great condition and perfect for a 9 day drive around the country (I spent 3 days in Marrakech at the start and then started the roadtrip - overnight pit stop in Rabat on the way to Chefchaouen (1 night), 2 nights in Fes, overnight pit stop in Midelt, 2 nights in Merzouga, 1 night in Dades and back to Marrakech). Ali speaks 4-5 languages including English, is very knowledgeable about the country, politics, culture, etc. We had many interesting conversations and debates on various topics during the drive around the country. He was very professional, courteous and invested in making sure I got the most of my time in Morocco.
I had wanted to spend NYE in the desert but by the time I was ready to book, all the luxury desert camps were fully booked. Sharon managed to find me a tent at a luxury camp and it was fantastic.
There weren’t any issues during the trip but for the one off issue, Ali & Sharon were super diligent and responsive.
Now here’s an example of them going over and beyond. During my second day in Marrakech, during the tour of the Souks, I purchased a bunch of Argan oil from this herbalist that appeared to be legit and was given the ok by my local guide. I should have known better - there are enough and more blogs online warning tourists against buying Argan oil at the souks and videos showing how to distinguish genuine from the fake. I unfortunately figured it out too late. I shared this with Ali and asked him to take me the source (a cooperative) in the high Atlas Mountains on our way back to Marrakech as I definitely wanted to purchase genuine Argan oil before I left the country. I was happy with my purchase. I gave the bad oil to Ali to hand over to anyone in need who could use the oil for cooking purposes. I considered the money I had spent as a loss and forgot about it by the time I got stateside. But Ali and team didn’t let it go. They got in touch with the local guide who had taken me to the store, went to the store, returned the products and asked for a refund. They got the refund and are arranging to return the amount to me. I was not expecting this at all!! This is going over and beyond!
Morocco is a beautiful country and the people are gentle and friendly. I loved my time there and am so happy I booked with Morocco immersion tours!
Thank you Sharon, Ali and Abdoul!