Alberobello and Lecce are just 67 miles apart, and the fastest ways to get from between them are to drive yourself, hire a private driver, or take a train from Alberobello to Bari and from Bari to Lecce. Alberobello, known for its iconic trulli, has limited bus and train service. Driving from Alberobello to Lecce involves navigating narrow streets in the towns between the two cities. 

If you drive yourself or hire a private driver, consider stopping in Locorotondo, famous for its local wines; Ostuni, a lovely whitewashed hill town with winding alleys and fantastic views; or Martina Franca, which hosts the Festival della Valle d'Itria, an opera festival that runs from mid-July to early August. 

By Car

Driving from Alberobello to Lecce gives you the freedom to explore the Puglian countryside. The drive should take about one and one-half hours without stops. Be sure to bring a good wayfinding app, GPS, or map, as finding your way through the towns along the route can be confusing, even if you follow directional signs to Brindisi and Lecce.

There is a Zona a Traffico Limitato (Limited Traffic Zone, or ZTL) in Lecce's historic center. You may not drive in the ZTL during evening and overnight hours, on Sundays, or on holidays unless your car is on the city's approved list (for example, if you are staying at a hotel in the ZTL and the manager gives you permission to park).

There are several different driving routes from Alberobello to Lecce. The fastest takes you from Alberobello to Fasano via Strada Provinciale 113 (SP113). Connect to SS379/E55 outside Fasano. From there, travel to Brindisi and south to Lecce's historic center. Without traffic, this trip should take about one hour and twenty minutes.

For a more scenic journey, drive to Brindisi via Locorotondo and Ostuni, eventually connecting to SS379 and continuing as described above. Stop in Locorotondo to try local wines, then continue on to Ostuni, where you can wander tiny alleys or walk along the walls and look out at the Adriatic Sea. Osteria del Tempo Perso is a unique spot to stop for lunch in Ostuni. Traveling to Lecce on this route will take you about one and one-half hours without traffic or stops.

A third, longer route takes you through Martina Franca and Ostuni, skipping Locorotondo. Even if you miss the summer festival, Martina Franca's Baroque churches and historic city center are worth a visit. You will need a GPS  to find the best route through Martina Franca and Ostuni, eventually connecting to SS379/E55 and continuing south as described above.

By Private Transfer or Taxi

Traveling from Alberobello to Lecce by taxi or private transfer gives you the speed and freedom of car travel without the worries. You can relax and enjoy the trip while your driver steers you toward your destination.

By Train

The fastest way to get from Alberobello to Lecce by train is to take a Ferrovie Sud-Est train from Alberobello to Bari, change trains, and travel from Bari to Lecce. Be careful when buying your train tickets, as some of the advertised train journeys are combination bus and train journeys. The trip from Alberobello to Lecce will take you just over four hours. Remember to validate your train ticket before leaving the station.

By Bus and Train

If you would rather save time than travel from Alberobello to Lecce entirely by train, you can take a Ferrovie Sud-Est bus from Alberobello to Fasano, Monopoli, or Ceglie Messapico and connect to a Lecce-bound train. This will save you about half an hour. Look carefully at the bus and train schedules before you buy your ticket, especially if you plan to travel on a Sunday. Be sure to validate your bus and train tickets as you board your bus and before you leave the train station.


Map of How to Get from Alberobello to Lecce
Map of How to Get from Alberobello to Lecce