Explore Puglia, the "heel of Italy," one of the country's southernmost regions, which welcomes visitors with olive trees, a sparkling turquoise sea, and whimsical towns and villages. Take a walking tour through Lecce, snap photos of the iconic trulli homes in Alberobello, and enjoy the beaches and cuisine this region is famous for.


  • Explore the varied architecture of Lecce
  • Marvel at peculiar Trulli homes in Alberobello
  • Bask in the sun and sea of the Mediterranean
  • Shop at a local market and learn about Pugliese cuisine

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Lecce Lecce
Day 2 Lecce Lecce
Day 3 Otranto Lecce
Day 4 Alberobello Alberobello
Day 5 Goodbye Puglia  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Lecce

Ostuni skyline at sunset, Brindisi, Puglia
Ostuni skyline at sunset, Brindisi, Puglia

Welcome to Puglia, a southern Italian region that is known for its white-walled towns, centuries-old farmlands, and sparkling Mediterranean coastline. You can get an early start on sightseeing by visiting the Basilica of Santa Croce (a 17th-century baroque church), the Cathedral of Lecce (with its ornate facade and bell tower), or a Roman amphitheater.

If you want to take some time outside of the city, you can visit the Cesine Nature Reserve — a park dedicated to conservation and education, where you can see marshes, a rocky coastline, and hundreds of birds and animal species that live in a unique ecosystem. You might also take an hours-long drive to visit Lido Marini, for an afternoon at the beach. In the evening, you can head for Lecce's historical center near the Piazza Sant’Oronzo, for a passeggiata, or stroll, followed by dinner and drinks at a neighborhood wine bar.

Day 2: Lecce

Salento, Puglia
Salento, Puglia

Explore more of Lecce, a city known for its artistic and cultural heritage. As you walk through its stone-walled streets, you'll learn more about the history of the town and the region of Puglia. You'll make a morning trip to the market, to gather ingredients for a cooking lesson to explore the distinctive flavors and dishes of Pugliese cuisine.

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Day 3: Otranto

Otranto's sweeping ocean views
Otranto's sweeping ocean views

Travel southeast 28 miles (46 km) to Otranto, a coastal town with a 15th-century castle, an 11th-century cathedral, and a tower with sweeping sea views. It's also an ideal spot to spend the day at the beach. After a relaxing time exploring, and perhaps picking up traditional handicrafts to take home with you, you'll catch the bus back to Lecce.

Day 4: Alberobello

Trulli street in Alberobello, Puglia
Trulli street in Alberobello, Puglia

Get ready to travel back in time as your driver takes you 70 miles (114 km) north to Alberobello, a town that is famous for its trulli homes — hut-like structures topped with conical rooftops. It is believed that these whimsical dwellings were constructed around the former Kingdom of Naples because they were easily wiped out in case of inspection for tax bills. Most of the houses are vacant, or have been transformed into shops, and you can explore them during a guided tour, and learn about their history that dates back to the prehistoric era.

Day 5: Goodbye Puglia

The charming courtyards of Puglia
The charming courtyards of Puglia

It's the end of your adventure in Puglia. After breakfast you can transfer to the train station or airport to head home or travel to your next destination.


Map of Best of Puglia: Lecce, Otranto, & Alberobello - 5 days
Map of Best of Puglia: Lecce, Otranto, & Alberobello - 5 days
Written by Sonya Pevzner, updated Feb 18, 2021