Travel from Bari, the capital of the Puglia region, to nearby Fasano is a scenic trip along the Adriatic Sea regardless of what mode of transport you choose. Take the train for the quickest way to cover the 37 miles (59 km); it also happens to be the least expensive way to move between the two seaside cities.

Other easy ways to make the short trip are by renting a car or hiring a car service/taxi. Either way, the drive is 45 minutes. Taking a bus is the least convenient unless you're an early bird—only one bus operates between the two cities and it leaves Bari very early each morning and takes an hour.

To see Puglia, including Bari, at a relaxed pace, consider one of our Laidback Puglia tours lasting 10 days or 15 days.

By Train

Duration: 30 minutes

Trains leave Bari for Fasano every 15 minutes all day long, traveling along the coastline. Be sure to choose a Trenitalia train that only takes half an hour, as there are different choices and train lines, which can be closer to an hour trip. Both choices are inexpensive, usually under $10 one way.

By Rental Car

Duration: 45 minutes

Bari has all the major car rental companies, including Avis, Budget, Europcar, and Hertz. Inexpensive single-day rentals of manual transmission cars mean you can tour the coastline at your own pace at a very reasonable price (or choose a more luxurious automobile for added comfort), discovering some of the famed beaches along the way between Bari and Fasano.

Put a stop at Lama Monachile beach in Polignano al Mare on your agenda, where sandstone cliffs have created a small, picturesque beach made of pebbles. Also known as Cala Porto, it's a photographer's dream, and one of the most popular beaches in all of Puglia. It's very small, so expect to find crowds in the heat of the summer months. 

By Private Transfer/Taxi

Duration: 45 minutes

Hiring a private driver allows you to soak in the scenery without the worry of navigating the SS16 roadway. The distance is short enough that a city taxi will take you, but for more comfort, consider using a by-the-hour private driver. That way, any sights you'd like to see as you make the leisurely journey, or stops along the way, are part of the expectation of the trip. 

Consider taking the inland route from Bari to Fasano if visiting picturesque wineries sounds like fun. There are numerous places to visit just off highway SS100 as you drive south toward Casamassima, all growing grapes for wine that you may have never heard of, like Negroamaro or Bianco d'Alessano. And wine tasting is always better with a private driver at the wheel.

By Bus

Duration: 55 minutes

There's only one direct bus a day that runs between Bari and Fasano, which leaves Bari at 5:30 am and arrives Fasano at 6:25 am. Considering that it costs the same or more to take the train at any time throughout the day, this is definitely the least appealing way to make the trip, unless you love early mornings. Other buses are available later in the day, but they involve numerous stops and can take up to 2.5 hours to make the trip.


Map of How to Get from Bari to Fasano
Map of How to Get from Bari to Fasano