Capri, an island in the Gulf of Naples, is located about 22 miles northwest of Positano. To get to Positano from Capri, you'll need to travel by ferry, hydrofoil, or private boat. During the summer months, you'll have a few companies to choose from and boats run several times each day between the two scenic spots, making it easy for you to explore the Amalfi Coast.

By Ferry or Hydrofoil

Duration: About 30 minutes depending on weather conditions

You will travel from Capri to Positano by a fast boat (hydrofoil), or ferry, with the option of a few companies. You'll catch the boat from the Marina Grande port, and it's advisable to buy tickets in advance, especially during high season when the ferries can be crowded. The timetables vary depending on the season, but there are typically several departures per day. Hand luggage is often included in the ticket price, but if you have oversized luggage or more than one bag, you may need to pay a bag fee. 

By Private Boat

Duration: About 30 minutes

If you opt for a private boat, you can explore the Amalfi Coast's towns and villages, and its many hidden beaches and swimming coves, as you sail away from Capri to Positano. Consult with a local specialist for more information.


Map of How to Get from Capri to Positano
Map of How to Get from Capri to Positano