From Dubrovnik it's an easy trip to Konavle, a region in Croatia's southernmost tip that stretches from Cavtat to the border with the neighboring country of Montenegro. Cavtat is the most popular destination in the region and located only 12 miles away from Dubrovnik.

Traveling from Dubrovnik to Konavle via private transfer is the easiest way to go because it offers the most flexibility and saves time. But Konavle is also a short journey away by ferry or bus, and both are budget-friendly options.

Adventure travelers will be tempted by this 10-day itinerary that includes a walking tour of Dubrovnik, a cycling trip through Konavle's wine country, as well as hiking on Korčula island and other activities like rafting and zip-lining. 

By Private Transfer or Rental Car

Duration: 30 - 60 minutes (depending on the destination in Konavle)

It's an easy 30-minute drive down the D8 coastal road from Dubrovnik to Cavtat. Other popular destinations in Konavle include Močići (25 minutes) and Čilipi (30 minutes). 

If you're looking for private transfer services, get in touch with your local travel specialist for details.

By Ferry

Duration: 20 minutes

Departures: 9:45 - 11pm. Up to 14 departures daily in July and August. (Schedule and frequency varies according to season.)

From April to October, the Adriana ferry company operates a ferry service from Dubrovnik to Cavtat. This is an easy way to make the trip and offers the fastest connection time. While there are up to 14 daily departures during the high season, note that in April and October, services are more limited with only four crossings a day.

By Bus

Duration: 25 minutes - 1 hour (depending on the destination in Konavle)

There are several suburban bus lines running from Dubrovnik's main bus station to destinations in Konavle operated by Libertas Dubrovnik. Bus number 10 runs every hour between Dubrovnik to Cavtat. There are also three daily services to Molunat (bus 11), three to Vodovada (bus 25), three to Vitaljina (bus 27), and two to Gruda (bus 38). Note that some buses don't run on Sundays and holidays.


Map of How to Get from Dubrovnik to Konavle
Map of How to Get from Dubrovnik to Konavle
Written by Isabel P, updated Sep 15, 2019