Krka National Park is the second most visited national park in Croatia after Plitvice Lakes National Park. It's a popular stop with visitors to Croatia because of its many waterfalls, caves, and natural pools where swimming is allowed (unlike Plitvice Lakes).  The park is located inland in Croatia's southern region of Dalmatia, roughly in-between the cities of Zadar and Split, while the closest nearby city is Šibenik (12 miles / 20 km). The nearest airport is Split International Airport, 26 miles (42 km) away.

The riverside town of Skradin is a gateway to the park, and close to one of the two main entrances. The park can be reached via a scenic ferry ride from here down along the Krka River. The other main entrance is at Lozovac 4.5 miles (7.3 km) further south of Skradin. Note that there are more parking spaces available at the Lozovac entrance.

The park is easily accessible by road if you're driving or taking a private transfer. There are also many buses with regular services to Skradin from Šibenik, Zadar, and Split. The bus stop in Skradin is just a short walk to the park's entrance. It's not possible to travel to Krka National Park by train.

This 8-day tour includes both Krka National Park and Plitvice Lakes National Park in its itinerary, as well as the Dalmatian islands of Hvar and Pakleni, and the cities of Dubrovnik, Split, and Zadar. 

From Šibenik

Duration: 20 minutes - 1.5 hours

It's a quick 20-minute drive from Šibenik to Lozovac, one of the two main entrances to Krka National Park. Making the trip by private transfer is the easiest and most convenient way to get there, and you don't have to worry about finding parking once you arrive as your driver will take care of that.

There are also several regular bus services connecting Šibenik to both Skradin and Lozovac. Autotransport Šibenik has up to five buses making the journey to Skradin daily, and up to six daily services to Lozovac.

During the summer months there are private tour operators offering boat trips from Šibenik to Skradin, a trip that takes much longer than by road (about 1.5 hours) but is particularly scenic.

From Zadar

Duration: 1 hour

Many visitors to Zadar combine it with a day trip to Krka National Park, located 47 miles (76 km) away. It's an easy one-hour drive by rental car or private transfer. Traveling there by bus is a cheap and convenient option: up to 12 daily buses make the trip to Skradin from Zadar's main bus station.

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From Split

Duration: 1 - 1.5 hours

A day trip to Krka National Park can easily be combined with a stay in Split, as the park is only 58 miles (93 km) away. If you're taking a private transfer or driving yourself, the drive should take just over an hour. There are up to 16 direct buses a day linking Split to Skradin, with the number of services increasing during the peak tourist season.