Geneva, the bustling international hub in the French-speaking area of Switzerland is a short distance to the medieval city of Annecy, France. In fact, it is only 26 miles (42km) away and takes just about a half-hour to drive from one destination to the other. There are numerous options to get from one town to the other including a train or a bus that might take a little longer than driving but takes away the stress of alpine driving. 

Both alpine towns are full of things to do whether you choose to relax by enjoying a spa, strolling along the canals, and enjoying the local decadent chocolates and cheeses; or do something more adventurous like skiing, cycling, or hiking. 

This 6-day-itinerary includes Annecy, as well as other wine regions in Switzerland and France that are close by. This 10-day-itinerary focuses on the gastronomy of the area and is sure to delight your culinary senses. 

By Car

Duration: 31 minutes (more with stops)

A scenic drive will take a little over half an hour. There are many rental agencies to choose from in Geneva but it's best to check that crossing country borders is allowed. Another option is to hire a car which will allow for the chance to take in the sights while avoiding the stress of driving in a foreign country—especially one known for hairpin turns along mountain passes. 

Take the A1a to A41. Along the way, you will hit Cruseilles, in Haute-Savoie, it is a lovely place to stop for a glass of Jacquère (local white wine) or Mondeuse (the local red). Not many examples of these delicious wines are exported to the U.S. so grab the chance while you are there! 

By Bus

Duration: 1 hour

Another option is to take the bus which will take about an hour. There are many service providers that operate numerous times a day. Catch the bus from the Cornavin train station or the Gare Routiere (Geneva Coach Station) which is in the center of town. Make sure to buy your tickets beforehand and bring your passport along!

By Train

Duration: around 2 hours

Taking a train will get you there in a little over 2 hours but there are 2 transfers—one at Annemasse and another at Gare de La Roche-sur-Foron