Reaching Peneda-Gerês National Park from the city of Porto, is a quick trip by car, covering a distance of 66 miles (107 km). The journey takes around an hour and fifteen minutes by car or private transfer. Driving is recommended as it’s the easiest and most convenient way to arrive at this national park. 

Though public transport is possible, it’s not recommended as it can take over 3 hours and there isn’t a direct bus from Porto. 

By Car

Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes

The quickest route is on the A3, a toll highway, where you’ll stay for the majority of the drive before turning onto the IC28. Around the halfway point, you’ll cross the Cávado River. As you near the National Park, you’ll cross over the Limia river and then go alongside the river for several kilometers.  

Having a car to get around to visit this national park will make your visit a lot easier as some areas of interest aren’t accessible without a car. 

This route has tolls. There are alternative routes to avoid paying tolls, such as taking the N14. This route passes near the city of Braga, which is worth stopping in to take a stroll or have a snack or drink if you have time in your schedule. Just plan on alternative routes taking longer. 

Please note that you’ll need to register your car the first time you enter a toll road. On most main highways in Portugal, there is a special area where you can register your car before continuing onto the toll booth. Everything is done electronically- connecting your license plate number to your credit card number. If you are renting a car, talk to your rental car company about options on paying for tolls. 

By Bus

Duration: 3 hours

Taking the bus is an option, though it’s not very convenient as there aren’t any direct buses from Porto. One option is to take the bus from Porto to Braga, and then hop on another bus from Braga to Gerês, operated by Redes Expressos, From the town of Gerês, it’s a five-minute walk to the entrance of the national park. 

We don’t recommend this option, as traveling time can take over three hours between travel and wait times.