The short 46-mile (74 km) journey from Syracuse to Riposto is a worthwhile one—located along the Sicilian coastline, both towns offer visitors historic sites and pleasant scenery.  There are two main ways to get these between Sicilian highlights: a two-hour train ride or a drive that takes a little over an hour without stops. 

By Train

Duration: 2 hours

Getting to Riposto takes about two hours by train, and it's a cost-effective and comfortable way to travel. Several trains depart throughout the day, giving you a number of options. Direct trains can get you there in as fast as 90-minutes, though it may sometimes take longer on holidays and weekends due to larger numbers of people traveling and train traffic. 

Trains depart daily from Giarre-Riposto to Siracusa. These are two major transit hubs that let you off directly into town making your trip convenient and giving you flexibility in how long you choose to spend at each destination. Whatever train you choose to take it is best to purchase your tickets online ahead of time. This way you have assured a seat and it will take up less time at the station.

By Rental Car

Duration: 1 hr, 10 minutes

If you're able to rent a car or have access to one, you may want to consider the short one hour and 10-minute drive.  Using a rental car also allows you the chance to explore the sites at your leisure and in a more convenient way. The trip by car is pretty straightforward and you will find yourself on major highways such as Viale Ermocrate/SS124 as well as other well-maintained roads.

Once you arrive, it's just a matter of finding parking and exploring what the Sicilian coastline has to offer. Riposto is a seaside town with all kinds of charm so once you arrive, be sure to take it all in. Mt. Etna adds to the town's natural beauty and offers visitors and locals alike a number of outdoor activities. It is also close to Taormina, which has great beaches and a number of historical sites. 

By Private Car Transfer

Hiring a driver is also a great option, allowing you to explore this seaside getaway in a leisurely fashion, add more stops along your route, and not have to worry about parking in the process. This way you can sit back, relax, and let someone else take care of the logistics.


Map of How to Get from Syracuse to Riposto
Map of How to Get from Syracuse to Riposto