Roughly 42 miles (66 km) separate Tropea and Reggio Calabria, traveling south along the Tyrrhenian coast to the toe of Italy’s boot. Reggio sits at the southwestern edge of mainland Italy, separated from Sicily by the Straits of Messina. As two of the most popular destinations in Calabria, the cities are linked by excellent rail service and a newly finished autostrada.

The train is the easiest way to make the trip, with Trenitalia Intercity and Regionale services reaching Reggio’s central station in just under two hours. Private transfer is a more expensive option but guarantees a quick trip in comfort. Renting a car is the best choice for those looking to slow down and explore the coastal scenery and picturesque fishing villages between the cities.  

By Train

Duration: 1:55 

The simplest way to make the trip is by train, with Trenitalia Intercity and Regionale lines leaving from Stazione di Tropea (a short walk uphill from the center) and arriving in Reggio Calabria in under 2 hours.

The fastest choice is the once-daily direct Intercity train, but multiple daily Regionale trains also travel the same route in a similar amount of time with one change in Rosarno.

Reggio has multiple train stations, but the most convenient is Stazione Lido to the north, which is walking distance to the port, and Stazione Centrale in the city center. A further 10 minutes south is the Aeroporto stop for Reggio Calabria (REG) airport.

Intercity trains can be booked in advance, but Regionale tickets are bought at the station before boarding.

By Private Transfer

Duration: 1:45

If the budget allows for a more expensive option, booking a private transport between the cities guarantees a fast, comfortable journey with a knowledgable guide. Several local companies offer both simple transfers and wider tours of the area, with options to stop at highlights en route. 

By Rental Car

Duration: 1:45

Self-driving requires some extra planning but offers the ability to explore and sightsee along the way. Tropea has multiple rental car agencies, but most are 10 to 15 minutes outside the center and require the further step of a taxi or bus to reach. 

The journey south is straightforward and easy to navigate, covering 68 miles (111 km) between Tropea and Reggio Calabria on the newly finished A2/E45 autostrada. While some stretches boast panoramic coastal views, there are also long periods of tunnel driving as the highway travels under the mountains. Parking is easiest in public lots just outside the city center—avoiding narrow roads, congestion, and hefty ZTL fines. 

Quick and scenic detours in the area include the picturesque fishing village of Scilla just north of Reggio-Calabria, the famous beaches of Capo Vaticano south of Tropea, and the Zungri cave dwellings to the east. 


Map of How to Get from Tropea to Reggio Calabria
Map of How to Get from Tropea to Reggio Calabria