As you leave Venice and journey toward Verona, its a quick trip 71-mile (115 km) trip to the city Shakespeare made famous in Romeo and Juliet. Traveling from Venice to Verona can be as straightforward as taking a train or as adventurous as detouring to famous cities and crenellated towers by car or private driver. Taking a bus from Venice to Verona is possible, but infrequent departures make bus travel a less desirable option.

By Train

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Trenitalia and ItaloTreno trains connect Venice and Verona. Fast Frecce, EuroCity, and ItaloTreno trains will bring you to Verona in about an hour and fifteen minutes. Regional trains take longer; it’s worth the extra cost to take a faster train. There are several departures each day. (Tip: If you are leaving from Venice’s Santa Lucia train station, check your route carefully to be sure you do not have to change trains at Venice’s Mestre station. Remember to validate your train ticket before boarding.)

By Rental Car, Private Driver, or Taxi

Duration: 2 hours, depending on traffic

While driving between Venice and Verona on the A4/E70 toll highway takes twice as long as traveling by train, having a car at your disposal might be an advantage, as there are several places you might want to stop along the way.

Padua, best known as the site of the Catholic Basilica of Saint Anthony, patron saint of finding lost items, also has a world-famous botanical garden. You can sit under the same tree the German poet Goethe admired. Giotto’s splendid frescoes in Padua’s Scrovegni Chapel are also well worth a visit.

Further west, Vicenza is known for its many buildings designed by Andrea Palladio, the world-renowned architect who lent his name to the style he created. Palladio’s iconic style inspired many architects and designers, including Richard Boyle and Thomas Jefferson.

Soave, located between Vicenza and Verona off the A4/E70 toll highway, is another great place to take a break. Soave is famous for its wines, but the town also boasts a castle, complete with nearly intact crenelated walls and towers. (Tip: Soave Castle closes from approximately noon until 3:00 pm, then reopens to visitors. Plan accordingly.)

Whether you drive directly from Venice to Verona or decide to make some sightseeing stops, be sure to plan your trip around Venice’s rush hours. A late morning or mid-afternoon departure will minimize your risk of getting stuck in a coda, or traffic jam. Both Venice and Verona have a Zona a Traffico Limitado (ZTL). Watch carefully for ZTL signs and avoid driving in these restricted areas. If you drive in a ZTL without official permission, you will be ticketed. As on all Italian toll highways, watch your speed on the A4/E70. The TUTOR average speed monitoring system will issue you a speeding ticket if you drive faster than the posted speed limit.


Map of How to Get from Venice to Verona
Map of How to Get from Venice to Verona