June is an exciting month in Brazil. The famous June festivals take place across the country, and you can join celebrations in São Luís, Salvador, and Recife. Attend the world's largest Pride Festival in beautiful São Paolo and experience amazing parades, colors, and joyful spirit. Go climbing in the Serra dos Órgãos National Park and visit Brazil's most intriguing sand dune region in the Lencóis Maranhenses National Park, and celebrate Brazilian Valentine's Day—Dia Dos Namorados.


June is part of the dry season in Brazil with a changing climate throughout the country. The northern areas are warmer and wetter, and the southernmost coast and inland regions are usually dry and chilly. In the hilly areas of southeast and center-west, it is generally dry and sunny, while the northeast coast brings more rain. In cities, such as Porto Alegre, temperatures are around 75-80°F, and it gets colder during the night.

Snow is common in the mountain ranges of south Brazil during this time, while north of Rio de Janeiro offers pleasant temperatures around 80°F. In Rio itself, you can expect approximately 70-75°F. Overall, the further north you travel in June, the warmer it gets. If you want to enjoy beach time but avoid hot weather, head to the beaches in Recife, Natal, or Fortaleza

Crowds & Costs

June attracts large crowds to the yearly June festivals and the world's largest Gay Pride Parade—the São Paulo LGBTQ+ Pride Parade. The parade takes place at the end of June, with over two million visitors each year. The June festivals take place from mid-month, and it gets much more crowded during this period.

If you are traveling during the festivities, particularly during the São Paulo Pride Parade, book your trip well in advance, especially your hotel stay. Flights and accommodation are more expensive when you visit São Paolo and Salvador, but remain relatively low in comparison to other cities such as Rio de Janeiro. It is still a pretty quiet month in Brazil, especially in the south, compared to the high season and summer months. 

Where to Go

June is the perfect time to dive into the clear streams of Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, and visit the Lencóis Maranhenses National Park in Maranhão. The rain that has fallen during the rainy season now forms unique ponds in this intriguing dune region. In Pantanal, the world's largest wetland, you can now spot the land fauna much easier. It is the perfect destination to visit in June.

Another exciting event during the month is the Festas Juninas (June Festivals). These amazing festivals combine exotic dance and music with local traditions, handicrafts, cuisine, and legends. Visit the UNESCO world heritage city of São Luís, which celebrates the festival with city-wide parties. São Luís has a rich history with local folk dances and songs, with a mix of French and Portuguese heritage. Another great city to enjoy the June festivals is Bahia de Salvador, best known for its colorful houses in the Pelourinho district and its Afro-Portuguese culture, embodied in its exotic cuisine, lively Olodum music, and acrobatic Capoeira dancing.

For a rural June Festivals experience, head to the villages of Amargosa for traditional forró dance and local cuisine, including sun-dried and salted meat dishes. Amargosa is located 150 miles (240 km) outside of Salvador and attracts approximately 60,000 visitors every day during the festival. 

In Recife, the streets are richly decorated, and you will experience lively parties all around the city. Recife truly comes alive during this time with more than 150,000 visitors, particularly between June 12-24. Another great place to visit is Pernambuco, known as Caruaru and the capital of the forró dance. Caruaru is around 80 miles (130 km) from Recife, where you can enjoy a spiritual atmosphere and indulge in giant food festivals, experience the Brazilian countryside, and try local snacks. 

What to Do

Except for the June festivals, which are a must during this time, there are other exciting holidays taking place in Brazil during the month. Experience the Brazilian Valentine's Day—Dia dos Namorados, take part in the Corpus Cristi celebrations and watch the locals celebrate Saint Anthony's Day to honor the patron saint of marriages. 

It is a perfect time also to enjoy hiking and climbing and enjoy cozy nights by the fireplace. If you feel adventurous and like climbing (or would like to try), head to the Serra dos Órgãos National Park, which opens again in June.

Wildlife watching and tours in Pantanal is another significant activity to enjoy this month, as well as sightseeing in Rio de Janeiro, and taking a trip to Manaus—the capital state of Amazonas. Attend the world's largest Pride parade in São Paulo as well, as this is one of a kind experience with a lot of joy, dancing, and colors. 

Events in June

Dia Dos Namorados (June 12). Known as Brazilian Valentine's Day, this holiday is celebrated with friends and families exchanging presents, cards, and candies.

Festas Juninas is a tradition inherited from Portugal, with annual events taking place all over the country. The parties celebrate St. Anthony (June 13), St. John the Baptist (June 24), and St. Peter (June 29), with plenty of ethnic food and music alongside traditional celebrations.

São Paulo LGBTQ+ Pride Parade takes place on the first Sunday after the Corpus Cristi Holiday at the end of June. The annual gay pride parade has taken place in Avenida Paulista, in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, since 1997. It is the world's largest pride parade, and if the Guinness World Record doesn't prove, the 2.5 million people that attend every year surely do.

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