July in Brazil brings wildlife watching and adventures in the Amazon, with jaguars making frequent appearances in the open wildlife area of Pantanal. Hikers will especially enjoy mountain areas like the Serra Gaúcha, Rio Grande do Sul, and Gramado. Rio de Janeiro is warm and sunny, and prime national parks and recreation areas this month include Tijuca and Campos do Jordão. Read on for more travel tips and advice for visiting Brazil in July.


July is winter in Brazil and one of the coldest months in the south, although it is still warm in large parts of the country, especially in the north. Some regions, like Santa Catarina, even get snow. Expect rainfall in and around São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Fortaleza, Salvador, and Recife.

Although it's winter, temperatures rarely go below 68°F, except in the mountains and southernmost areas. The interior is usually warm and dry, while the tropical rainforests and jungle are more humid. In Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia, temperatures are generally around 70-80 F, in São Paulo you can expect 60-70 °F, and in Porto Alegro, the average daily temperatures are 50-60°F. Cold fronts can cause sudden and extreme drops in temperature in the southeast, and heavy rains often take place in the northeast.

Crowds & Costs

July is low season in Brazil and is generally less crowded than the Brazilian summer months. It is a good time to find deals on flights and hotels and enjoy tours with fewer tourists. Brazilian school winter breaks have their holidays, which means a lot of family-oriented resorts and hotels get pretty packed. The mountain destinations also receive more visitors, as it's a good time to go hiking, skiing, and sightseeing. Although most of the country enjoys quieter downtime, you should book in advance for family-oriented activities. 

Where to Go

Head to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, where the weather is warm for beach time and tours around the city and visit São José dos Ausentes in the Rio Grande do Sul to try your skiing skills. Another popular mountain area is the Serra Gaúcha region, with a lot of great activities for hiking and adventures, particularly in Caxias du Sul, Nova Petrópolis, Antonio Prado, and Gramado. Also, take a trip to Visconde de Mauá— a coffee valley with historic coffee farms in the Rio de Janeiro state. 

Close to São Paulo, you will find Serra da Mantiqueira with the stunning area of Campos do Jordão, famous for the beautiful scenery and outdoor recreation opportunities. If you want to combine wildlife with beach time, make sure to visit the Bahia area and the city of Salvador. July is one of the best months to experience animal watching, combined with leisure time and pleasant weather. 

Take the opportunity to visit the world's largest wetland— Pantanal. Trek out to oxbow lakes, canoe or cruise along the rivers, and look for wildlife. This unique ecosystem is similar to a rainforest but lacks trees, making it easy to see a large variety of different animal species. Expect to see caimans, deer, white-lipped peccaries, and birds such as the hyacinth macaw. 

The area divides into the north and the south, so you'll need some extra time to see both regions. In the north, you will experience a lot more wildlife and have the best chance of seeing powerful jaguars that are more visible during this time of the year. Particularly at Porto Jofre, the jaguars often show up on the riverbanks during the day. In the south part of Pantanal, you will find more activities, with great hiking opportunities and adventures through various caves. 

Visit Rio de Janeiro, especially if you want to enjoy mild weather without too much heat. It is perfect for relaxing on the beach, taking the cablecar to Sugarloaf Mountain, and visiting the Tijuca National Park—all that remains of the Atlantic rainforest that once surrounded Rio de Janeiro. It is a 9,637-acre tropical jungle preserve with beautiful trees, creeks, and waterfalls. July is also the ideal time to visit the Amazon: spend a few days in the forests, cruise through the Amazon River and enjoy hiking and wildlife watching. 

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What to Do

A highlight in July is to visit Pantanal and see wild jaguars, as well as giant otters. During the dry months, the jaguars come out of hiding to sit on the river banks in the sun. Visit the Amazon, as Brazilian winter is the best time to do so with less rain and humidity, bringing great activities and wildlife watching opportunities.

Enjoy the different festivals in July, such as the Literary Festival in Rio de Janeiro State and ROLEX Ilhabela Sailing Week in Ilhabela. Stroll around the city of Rio and head to Rio de Janeiro Jardim Botânico—an exotic 339-acre garden, with approximately 8,000 plant species. It is a perfect time for hiking in Brazil in the south and enjoying beach time and warm weather in the north. 

Events in July

Festa Literária Internacional de Paraty (FLIP) Literary Festival in Rio de Janeiro State (beginning of the month). The festival draws large crowds to one of the most charming colonial towns in Brazil. There are shows, movies, workshops, and Flipinha— the FLIP for kids. It is an excellent opportunity to get a look into the Brazilian literary world. 

International Winter Festival in Campos do Jordão in São Paulo State is the most prestigious musical winter event in Brazil and the most significant classical music festival in Latin America. The city offers music students from all over the world scholarships for lessons with great masters. 

ROLEX Ilhabela Sailing Week in Ilhabela. If you are a sailing fan or want to see a fun activity, this event is perfect for you. Make sure to arrive early and enjoy one of Brazil's most attractive islands. You can enjoy a busy time on the beach and stroll around the village with cute cafés and bistros.

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