Following the coastline of northeastern Brazil, the "Route of Emotions" takes in some of the country's most breathtaking and little-known landscapes. This 10-day adventure follows the scenic route as you traverse the shifting sand dunes of Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, explore the mangrove swamps of the Preguiças River by boat, and dive into crystal clear waters in the beach paradise of Jericoacoara. After an exhilarating trip to Ilha do Amor by dune buggy, the adventure draws to a close as you reach the waterfront city of Fortaleza.


  • Follow the remarkable Route of Emotions through northeastern Brazil
  • Explore the vast dunes of Lençóis Maranhenses National Park
  • See the famous island of the guarás birds 
  • Unwind in the beach paradise of Jericoacoara
  • Take a dune buggy adventure to the "Island of Love"

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Welcome to São Luis São Luís
Day 2 Transfer to Barreirinhas, Walk the Lagoa Bonita Circuit Barreirinhas
Day 3 Boat Excursion on the Preguiças River to Caburé Barreirinhas
Day 4 Transfer to Parnaíba Parnaíba
Day 5 Boat Trip to Coroatá Island, See the Scarlet Guarás Birds Parnaíba
Day 6 Transfer to Jericoacoara Jericoacoara
Day 7 Free Day in Jericoacoara Jericoacoara
Day 8 Buggy Adventure to Tatajuba & Ilha do Amor Jericoacoara
Day 9 Transfer to Fortaleza  Fortaleza
Day 10 Transfer to Fortaleza Airport & Depart  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Welcome to São Luis

São Luís City
The waterfront São Luís City

Welcome to São Luis! Upon arrival, you'll be met at the airport and transferred to your accommodations. The remainder of the day is free for you to relax or start exploring the city at your own pace.

Over the years, São Luis has been influenced by several cultures. Built in 1612, it was first settled by the Dutch and then colonized by the Portuguese. Now listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, São Luís offers historic, natural, and cultural riches, providing visitors with plenty of scenic walks and entertainment. 

Day 2: Transfer to Barreirinhas, Walk the Lagoa Bonita Circuit

Dunes of Lençois Maranhenses
The otherworldly dunes of Lençois Maranhenses

Early this morning, you'll meet your driver for the 4-hour, air-conditioned transfer to the city of Barreirinhas—gateway to the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park. Along the 165-mile (265 km) route, you'll have time for a quick pit stop to stretch your legs and enjoy some coffee and snacks.

Upon arrival, get settled into your hotel and grab some lunch. Adventure awaits in the afternoon, as you depart in a 4x4 vehicle for the Lagoa Bonita Circuit, one of the most beautiful walks in Brazil. After a quick ferry ride across the Preguiças River, you'll reach the wilds of Lençóis Maranhenses. Here the 12.5-mile (20 km) trail takes you on an hour's journey to the area's famous sand dunes. After ascending the towering first dune with the aid of a rope and a guide, you'll reach the highest point of the national park.

Take in stunning views of the surrounding panorama, then follow your guide on a scenic walk through the Lençóis. Along the way you'll visit—and have the chance to swim in—several lagoons, and enjoy a breathtaking sunset over the shifting sands. Following the long day, kick back and relax in Barreirinhas overnight.

Day 3: Boat Excursion on the Preguiças River to Caburé

Take a scenic boat trip to Caburé Beach

After breakfast, board a speedboat for a scenic journey along the Preguiças River towards the Caburé Peninsula. Don't miss the chance to appreciate the bank's lush vegetation, made up of palm trees and mangroves.

Your first stop is at Vassouras, where you can cool off with some fresh coconut water and see the mangrove's native monkeys up close. Continuing past the beautiful beaches and dunes of Pequenos Lençóis, you'll spot the villages of Espadarte, Morro do Boi, and Moitas, which are home to many of the local fishermen (caiçaras). 

Upon reaching the village of Mandacaru, climb to the top of a lighthouse to take in spectacular views over the region—including the dunes and the place where the river meets the ocean. 

Back onboard the boat, continue to Caburé Beach, located between the Rio Preguiças and the Atlantic Ocean. Here you'll stop for a seafood lunch and spend some time resting in hammocks or walking along the beach before returning to Barreirinhas for the afternoon.

Day 4: Transfer to Parnaíba

Historic riverside buildings in Parnaíba

After breakfast this morning, your driver will be waiting to transfer you along a scenic 121-mile (195 km) route that starts with a rustic trail through lush vegetation, sand dunes, and rolling fields to reach Paulino Neves. From here, continue along asphalt roads to reach your destination for the night: the riverside city of Parnaíba in the state of Piauí.

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Day 5: Boat Trip to Coroatá Island, See the Scarlet Guarás Birds

See the famous guarás return to their island to roost

Today you'll set off for the port of Tutoia, where a speedboat awaits to take you through a spectacular landscape of islands, rivers, streams, river mouths, deserted beaches, and lagoons. Along the way, you'll spot a diverse array of the area's lush flora and fauna.

Stop at Coroatá Island for lunch at a rustic restaurant that offers delicious seafood. Afterward, you can rest in a shady hammock for a few hours before boarding another motorboat to visit the area's famous guarás (scarlet ibis) and the small island where they sleep. Every day of the year, the birds return to this same spot to rest. Experience this remarkable event as the sun sets, then return to Parnaíba for the evening.

Day 6: Transfer to Jericoacoara

Transfer to the breathtaking beaches of Jericoacoara

Say your goodbyes to Barreirinhas this morning as you head east along the coast to reach the beachside paradise of Jericoacoara. Famed for its white sands and crystal clear waters, this small fishing village is one of Brazil's best-kept secrets. After settling into your hotel, the rest of the day is free for you to relax at the beach.

Day 7: Free Day in Jericoacoara

The natural stone arch of Pedra Furada

Spend today enjoying the many wonders of Jericoacoara at your own pace. Soak up some sun at the beach, catch some waves with a windsurfing lesson, or head out on a boating excursion. Browse for souvenirs in the town's many artisanal shops, and don't miss a photo op at the magnificent rock formation of Pedra Furada.

Day 8: Buggy Adventure to Tatajuba & Ilha do Amor

Explore the coast by dune buggy today

Depart Jericoacoara this morning for an adventurous day trip by dune buggy. Passing a landscape of sand dunes, lagoons, and long, deserted beaches, you'll reach the magical Ilha do Amor (Island of Love). Stop for a memorable lunch on this tiny, sandbar island, then return to Jericoacoara in the afternoon.

Day 9: Transfer to Fortaleza 

Journey east along the coast towards Fortaleza

After breakfast, you'll say your goodbyes to Jericoacoara and continue your journey east down the coast. The scenic transfer is an event in itself, as the 8-hour drive takes you past countless beauty spots and dramatic beaches like Icaraizinho, Caetano, Baleia Beach, Mundaú, Lagoinha, Taíba, Banana Lagoon, and the Cumbuco Dunes. Your destination for the evening is the lively and sprawling coastal city of Fortaleza.

Day 10: Transfer to Fortaleza Airport & Depart

Adeus, Brasil!

Your unforgettable journey along the Route of Emotions comes to a close today, as you transfer to the Fortaleza Airport to catch your departing flight. Safe travels!

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